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Hi guys,

I'm currently in my final year of my Childhood Studies degree and will be starting my teacher training (PGCE Primary) in September.

For my dissertation, I have chosen to research the use of technology in education. I am yet to decide on a more specific focus, so wanted to seek advice from others who may also be looking at this topic/already completed a dissertation on something similar.

For my research methods, I am planning on conducting some interviews with teachers on their views of technology, discussing what type of resources they use in their lessons, which are most beneficial for children's learning etc.

I have also considered giving questionnaires to parents to gather their views on the use of technology in the classroom. Or perhaps asking children to complete questionnaires to find out which resources they find most useful.

I think I am probably going to be exploring the pro's and con's of technology in the classroom. However, I have been advised to make the area of technology I look at more concise, so I am unsure of what area in particular I should focus on.

Any advice on which direction to take this or any recommended reading would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance.
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One possible narrowing down option you could consider is the opinion of the various groups of people you have cited on the use of PowerPoint in particular or of presentation software and e-lessons in general.

If you were to select this route, you could go into the very powerful features that PowerPoint offers (e.g. import of .pdf files, importing and linking charts from Excel [with dynamic updating], specialized transitions, etc.); also you could take into account options for deaf or disabled students, the psychological effect in enhancing memory with the use of graphics and colour, as well as opinions on the use of humour or reference to everyday life items to maintain attention and interest of the listeners.

Just a thought - hope you like the idea.

M (MSc CS + tutor)

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