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Northwell House

Just got my accommodation offer through, Im in Northwell House and wondered in anyone else was too?!
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looks like I'll be living alone then :frown: lol
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Ahh... I can't say me because I'm not going to Uni this year, but my best friend lived there last year and I visited her a few times and its pretty nice there. A bit of a long way out from the centre but still easy walking distance and Gloucester Road is like a whole new centre of Briostol
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^^thats good to know, thanks for the reply, im getting excited! and the walking could be worse, the downs is ages away! but also really nice :smile:
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I'm in Northwell house. If wasn't my first or second choice but it seems ok!

After alot of worry after being sent information I was sharing a room I then got told that the room last year was shared and this year I have it all to myself so hopefully it may be an OK size!

What flat are you in? I'm in 15C
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flat 15 is amazing. i was in 15D. last year my friend had 15C to herself as well - srated off sharing it but the other girl left for goldney. the wardens are ace - steve the magician, emma the fire-twirler & birgul who is like a really lovely auntie

northwell wasn't my 1st or 2nd choice either but everyone who gets put there seems glad about it - with a smaller community you get to know people better and the orbital events are quite good. the gloucester rd is great for shopping (& check out the hobgoblin on thursday night - ladies night, £5 for 10 drinks), and the arches isn;t too far from town. message me if u want any more info.
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im in 7H so damn excited!!