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    Soooo any advice, the more the better, would really be appreciated at this point!
    I'm in Y10 currently and this summer will sit exams for Law, RS and German. Next year I'll also do English Lang & Lit, Maths and triple science automatically. That's already nine GCSEs.
    I need to know for sure tomorrow what I'm taking for Year 11. I pretty much get to decide but there aren't many choices that appeal to me. After subtracting core subject hours, I'm going to have 9 hours to fill on timetable.

    I'm deciding between...

    GCSE child development appeals to me kind of, but it's a six hour option and I would find it fairly easy. As well as that I'd take 3 more hours of science, as I would only have 6 to do triple in if not.

    Alternatively, although I'm in top sets for most things, I could maybe persuade my school to take 3 English, 3 Maths and obviously 3 more science as mentioned before. It would mean spending all my time in Maths English and Science, but it could take the stress off massively. I could be bored but I wouldnt be as stressed.

    So, lovely people. Any and all opinions welcome.
    Child development and science, orrrr spend more time on core and don't take any options, which would only leave me with 9 GCSEs (and I don't know if that's a problem or not)

    Thanks for reading my massssive essay - it is really appreciated

    I'm sorry, I don't quite understand your options system, could you please try explaining it to me? Sorry
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    Okay, so I have nine free hours on top of the subjects you have to do, like maths etc. my options that I want to pick are either

    6hrs of child development and 3 of extra science
    Or 3 of extra English, 3 or extra Maths, 3 of extra science.

    I don't need any extra of academic subjects as I'm in top sets but I was thinking if I take extra of the important ones instead of something I'd be stressed in, like history/art, then might that be a better decision than taking another option?

    Essentially would child development be an extra stress I don't need?

    Sorry for being confusing it is very complicated!

    Ahhh okay, I think I understand. You say that you don't need any extra for your core subjects, so why not go for Child Development as well? Some people I know do it and I know that it's interesting but not very hard, so you wouldn't have to put much effort in, plus it's an extra grade. Personally, I would choose the extra subject and extra science, but it all depends on if you do need to time to do the core subjects.
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    Thank you! Good advice, I was thinking of doing that. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow - it's really appreciated

    I'm in top set for everything and found child development to simple so dropped it for geography. I'd recommend another humanities or focusing on science as triple is a lot (trust me I'm in Year 11 now).

    People in my school make fun of those doing child development. I see nothing wrong with it.

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