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Where can I find Edexcel's A2 Music Unit 5 composition briefs for this year?!
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Hey, they're up on the site but yeah, only for viewing for teachers at the moment for some reason, but I know the briefs are obviously told to the candidates and they're these, at least if you're still using the old spec...

Topic 1 Development and Contrast
Compose a piece of music in which the opening idea, or ideas, develop and are transformed. The piece may be in any style. Use one or more instrument(s) - acoustic and/or amplified and/or synthesised. (Note that voices may not be used)

Topic 2 Exploiting Instruments
Compose a duet for two diffeerent instruments with the title Dialogue. You should exploit the playing techniques and range of these instruments both in solo passages and in combination. You must compose for any two different acoustic instrument(s), and/or amplified instrument(s) (such as electric guitar or bass) from the following options: melody instrument (wind or string), solo kleyboard, fretted instrument, harp or tuned percussion. (Note that voices must not be used)

Topic 3 Music for film and television
Compose a piece of music for the trailer of a sci-fi film about time travel. You should aim to depict a range of contrasting locations and times but you must compose a continuous piece of music. You may compose for any voice(s) and/or instrument(s) - acoustic, amplified and/or synthesised. You are not required to write a detailed commentary but you must include a brief summary of the scenes, either as written cues in the score or in a short preface.

Topic 4 Music, dance and theatre.
Compose a piece of music for a ballet or contemporary dance routine that features chess pieces as characters. You may depict any combination of chess pieces. You may compose for any instrumental and/or vocal timbres - acoustic and/or amplified and/or synthesised. You should include a brief indication of the chosen characters, either as written cues in the score or in a short preface.

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