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    Say you were adding a strong base to a strong acid I know the PH curve will start ataround 2 and rise slowly but stay low as long as long as there is still some H+ present from the acid. Just before the vertical stretch however the PH curve starts to increase more quickly and could not think of why??
    I know the acid is in less excess at this point but surely the concentration of H+ will be decreasing at the same rate. Or is it linked to the fact that while the rate of decrease of H+ ions will be the same, the percentage decrease in the concentration will be more thus having a greater effect on PH.

    Also does an indicator such as methyl orange have a red colour all the way to its end point, change and then retain that colour no matter how high the ph goes or is the indicator "activated within a certain PH range.

    The pH scale is logarithmic, to go from pH 1-2 need ten times more alkali than to go from pH 2-3 etc.

    Indicators as weak acids and can be expressed as follows: HI <-> H+ + I-

    HI is one colour, I- is another colour.
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Updated: January 19, 2017
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