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Abdullah bin Umar was the son of Caliph Umar bin Khitab R.A. Abdullah bin Umar was along with those kids, who accepted Islam in their premature ages. He remained for the most part in following the Sunnah e Muhammad, peace be upon him, i.e., offering prayer at every spot he found Muhammad, peace be upon him, praying. In 73 A.H he died at age of eighty four years. The window in the Qibla wall opposite to the Roza e Muhammad, peace be upon him, was the door of the house of Abdullah bin Umar R.A. The house of Abdullah R.A was right in the east of the Mehrab e Nabvi, PBUH. Bilal R.A used to call for prayer, while standing one of the pillars of the house of Abdullah R.A. This was one of the houses, the door of which opens in the Masjid e Nabvi.while performing the umrah with Umrah Packages 2017 from London For Muslims Community with Hotel, Flights, Visa and Transportation and must go masjid e nabi visit that place. According to Umdat-ul-Akhbar, when all houses on the southern side were removed, this house was treated in an adverse manner. The baked bricks were used in the land of this house and a door was installed written over that: Residence of the Umar’s family. The house was planted with beautiful flowers, and this garden is just in front of the Roza e Rasool, peace be upon him.Muslims who perform hajj or umrah must visit here.

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