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    Currently, I am a Year 11 at Wilmington Grammar School For Girls and I am studying 10 GCSEs. My favorite subjects are maths, biology, chemistry, and physics. My strengths are all the science based subjects as I have a passion for it and enjoy it, which is why I have based my future ambition around that; becoming a doctor. I believe that I have certain qualities which allow me to enjoy my time but also take thinks seriously, responsibly and sensibly when it comes to dealing with problems and situations. I am a team worker and I try to be approachable and I always have a helping hand to offer. I am fully prepared to take on the great responsibilities which come alongside being at the workplace as I am striving to learn the new skill and meet new people of various ages. I am willing to take risks as I am the type who experiments and tries new things. I continuously endeavor to better myself. Out of school, I take part in a lot of different extracurricular activities; I am in grade 6 in Bharatha Natiya which is a type of dance which originates from India. In addition, I am in grade 8 for swimming and I am still determined to go higher. I was once in a band called 'Fabulousity,' which was accompanied by my primary school and I played a brass instrument called the Tenor horn. We performed at the Horniman Museum with the Symphony orchestra and we also traveled to a football stadium in Birmingham and performed a piece called 'Score' to Barney Harwood, alongside with many other school and instruments. This enabled me to experience talking to people with different mindsets and interacting with pupils of different ages. Moreover, when you are in a band, teamwork is a key skill which I have gathered cooperating with all the groups. At school, I participate at open evening and tour parents and individuals around the school. I also took part in a debating club to improve my public speaking abilities and I help out at sporting event.
    This year, I plan to complete my GCSE academic course and step onto sixth form. During that summer break, I intend to do work experience at Lewisham Hospital, volunteer at charity shops, do NCS and join St John's Ambulance. I am hoping to build up and improve my learning and performances. After sixth form, I hope to get into an outstanding university to continue my education and ambition.
    I have always inhabited an interest for the human anatomy and its functions and I also want to care and assist people. I believe that work experience at the hospital will help me improve my communication and socialising skills as a doctor’s role also consists you working with people. Moreover, you will meet a lot of people besides patients - patients' families, medical staff, technicians, administrators etc. It fascinates me to learn about this at school which encourages me to face new challenges that I have not encountered before. Applying for this, not only will help me develop new skills for my future occupation of becoming a doctor but it will also open new gateways. My interest and passion for science are one of my reasons for choosing medicine and it has reflected in my A-Level subject options: Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Business Studies. I chose the two sciences as I love the subject and aspiration for a medical career. Maths was another A-Level choice which I know will help me build my problem-solving abilities. In my maths Finance GCSE, I received an A*. In addition, I hold certain attributes that highlight my decision to hold a role at the hospital such as optimism, caring, enthusiasm for medicine and reliable. I believe work experience at the hospital will assist me to stand out from the current competition for a doctor placement and by doing this, I would have taken a step towards my main goal. My initiative in becoming a doctor has been one of my greatest ambitions.
    I am very excited to learn more about being a doctor and I am striving to assist as many people as I can as I am always ready to do anything to help and care for people.
    Your Sincerely
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    (Original post by 12115)
    You need to take this to the CV Help forum, open a private thread (it will look empty because you can only see threads you start) and take advice from there. You've got plenty to work with, but that format isn't what a CV looks like. You've mixed CV material in a covering letter, so we need to split them apart and present them more conventionally.
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