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Period Sex Dilemma - Advice needed! watch

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    I'm meeting up with a guy I really like on Saturday. We've met a few times before, get on really well and always end up sleeping together so I was really looking forward to seeing him and having some fun!

    I have taken 3 packs of my pill to try and get me to Saturday without being on my period, but i am starting to bleed. I am still taking my pill now, but i am bleeding slightly as my period is due on Monday and I have never taken my pill (Gederal) for this long before so my body is not used to it.

    I'm kinda worried he might freak out if he realises I am bleeding and even if he doesn't, it would make me feel a lot more confident to know I am not bleeding for just this one day on Saturday.

    Does anyone have any solutions to stop period/bleeding/spotting for one day? Can I take 2 of my contraceptive pills in a row and this work?

    Basically any advice would be appreciated!!!

    Thanks x

    for pity sake damaging your body for sex just wait a week or put a towel down and have a shower afterwards.


    Stop taking the pill if you're not supposed to take it for this long. Any pill which alters your cycle ends up messing it up for a while. Period sex is common and perfectly fine. Use a condom and protect the mattress

    I wouldn't recommend taking two pills. It wont stop your period but will probably induce it more because there's a hormonal imbalance.

    Please don't take any pills other than at the recommended dose... Either:
    - Wear a tampon and discreetly remove it beforehand, put a towel down, and shower afterwards
    - Let him know, I'm sure he'll understand a natural bodily function and then he can decide
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