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Medicine or dentistry? watch

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    So, i'm in the lower 6th and the school want us to start deciding where we want to go.

    To start off with, I got 7 A*'s [inc. maths, English LAN., physics, chem.], 3 A's [inc. English lit, bio etc], 1 B in French and a grade A in FSMQ . Having looked at the medical applicant profiles thread, it doesn't seem like my GCSE's are good enough for medicine.

    In terms of work experience, I have shadowed a paediatrician overseas, have committed to 6 months volunteering at least at a blind centre and 1 year volunteering at an old age care home. I have also attended a medicine mini school at Birmingham university, and i'm due to start hospital work experience in the orthopaedics department in April.

    For extracurricular, there's not much. I'm a speed-cuber and have attended competitions in the past. I've got grade 5 in guitar and performed at concerts. I've done charity events in the past to raise money for orphanages overseas. Since year 9, I've represented my old school in team maths challenges. I played badminton for my school team last year. I've participated in the google science fair competition, although I didn't get too far in that :P .. I know it's not much but i'm planning to add stuff by starting clubs, tutoring young kids etc. in the near future.

    Now, the reason I have come to considering courses other than medicine were my recent mock examinations. To be honest, I busted my ass of literally revising day and night, staying up all midnight across the Christmas holidays and quite frankly, i'm very disappointed. My grades were AAAAB. I'm doing maths, physics, chemistry and biology for A-levels but I was forced to do general studies mock too. I'm studying mathematics with the further maths class and I beat all of them by a landslide margin to be honest so i'm not disappointed with that. In physics and chemistry, I just about scraped an A grade. I got an A in general studies but that was with 0 revision and i'm surprised because all I wrote was that Donald Trump was great. Now the main concern in biology. If I had to describe my revision time as a ratio, biology to EVERYTHING else combined would be 3:1 . Still, I missed an A grade although it was by 2 marks, and I could've had those 2 more marks had it not been for stupid errors. We needed 44/70 for A and I got 42/70 . I'm at a grammar school, that sends many students to medical schools each year, but the problem is only girl in our class of 12 (there's other classes) had an A grade, so i'm pretty sure I had second highest. Still, I hate what i'm studying in biology, I find no pattern in it, I find it random and it's so boring.

    Considering there's a lot of biology in medicine, would it be wise to start thinking of dentistry at this stage if i'm barely coping with AS biology (although I wouldn't really say I am coping).. Or considering my maths, a score I had with little effort should I leave the medical field altogether and think about engineering?

    Any help will be deeply appreciated and sorry for the long post .

    Your GCSE grades and extra-curricular are more then good enough to get into medicine/dentistry.
    But you need biology for dentistry just as much as you need it for medicine.

    One thing you should also consider is whether you will actually enjoy studying medicine/dentistry. If you are already struggling with biology despite working so hard then may be choose a different career path. Med/dentistry are intense 5 year courses and you can't get through it if you don't actually enjoy/like biology.

    You seem to be doing great in maths and physics despite not having allocated too much time for revising these subjects so maybe consider careers/courses based on these.

    There's a fantastic website www.plotr.co.uk
    should give you plenty of career options in the industries/worlds tab or by playing the game.
    find what you are naturally good at and enjoy as well.
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