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    Interviews start next month. I was hoping someone who has experience of a journalism interview for any university could give me some tips on what could be asked. Also, doe Alistair Duff still do the interviews for naiper? If so, i he really that bad?

    Don't have any experience with this university in question, but I have had both group and personal interviews for Journalism (NCTJ Accredited), and they really do vary if I am honest, but here's some things they some may ask - Most are the same questions as any other uni interview, so I'm not being specific at all:

    *I will not disclose anything related to NCTJ Entry exams if you need to complete these, but my advice is to look at a past paper if you are going to be asked to complete one, don't sweat it though, nothing hard if you can write competently*

    - Why do you want to study Journalism
    - What inspired you to do Journalism
    - Show some portfolio work...

    Less Common:
    - Why travel so far to come to this Uni (If you live far away of course!)
    - What do you like about the lecturers
    - What's different to other universities you've visited

    Criteria being assessed:
    I follow the Falmouth University publicly posted guide to what to expect at Journalism interviews, it has a whole table of criteria usually assessed.


    My advice:
    - Some people will try and grill you, and break you. Just have a non-affected attitude, and it can only go well. You may think they're an ********, but they're just testing your ability under pressure.
    - Be honest. They will suss out anyone who has just read the news this morning and doesn't have a clue about the full picture or how it influences the state of journalism in today's society.
    - I always bring my portfolio with me, regardless of if they want it or not, some really love it, others refuse to look at it, but it's good to have just in-case.
    - Make sure you come with a list of questions. You're paid to do that as a career! (Unfortunately I forgot a couple of mine and had an awkward silence for a short while, and then just joked I'd remember when I got back on the train, and promised to call them if I remembered it)
    - It's your chance to get more from them than they get of you, don't stress it. If it's not meant to be, then move on with your life. I go in with an indifferent attitude to all of my interviews, so I'm not stressed.
    - Don't be afraid to ask to re-phrase a question (I had to ask about 3-4 times on one question!)
    - Christ, don't be late, doesn't reflect well! Same goes for any uni interview, I haven't managed it yet though

    Oh, and GOOD LUCK!
    If you're passionate you can achieve anything.
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