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    I'm currently in year 11, and doing Physics GCSE. I have to pick my A-Level options soon and would like to do a science, and I'm considering doing Physics. Is the step up from GCSE bigger than it is for any other subject? (I'll be doing maths as well so hopefully I won't struggle with the calculation aspect of it). I was wondering if it the people who do it find it more interesting than it is at GCSE (and also vs another science if you do more than 1). thanks

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    It's quite a bit harder I'd say. Theres quite a lot of maths in it so doing maths A level will definitely help and will be good if you're naturally good at maths too. AS physics was a reasonable step up, 2nd year Physics is quite a bit harder imo. Its all still doable with hardwork though, but theres quite a bit of knowledge and understanding that you'd need to remembers so you kind of have to revise often if you want a good grade.
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    Relativity harder but if you keep revising then it should be fine.

    it's really interesting and enjoyable (as long as you have a good teacher) but make sure you understand all the concepts or it gets difficult quickly

    Pretty easy. The AS year is dead boring, I actually completely changed my mind on doing a Physics degree until I got to A2. (I'll be doing Maths & Phys / & Theoretical Phys)

    I don't think the step up is bad at-all, not at-all comparable with the step up for maths.

    I don't do any other sciences, (well, I did AS Comp Sci, which was on a similar level of difficulty - that course depends a-lot on your ability to recognise abstraction, think logically and computationally. I dropped it because I didn't feel I had enough to gain from the second year, not because it was difficult. The second year project is very demanding on time.) but I have some really clever friends who struggle with Chemistry. I get the impression Biology is easier, just going by the people that take it.

    From your wording it sounds like you're not really sure what you want to do, and also that you might have chosen a humanities A-Level in addition. I'd think carefully about your reasons for mixing humanities and sciences if you do so. In most cases, admissions to a science degree would rather see you with three sciences. Lots of universities like to see a science subjects mixed in for a humanities, of course, but I assume you're not going for humanities with two science A-Levels. I don't know what your future plans are, just raising a point to consider.

    Why don't you look at some past papers to actually have a taste at what your dealing with.

    Well, the AS year is quite easy. The A2 is okay- though I struggle in certain areas but that is because I can't remember everything. I feel for me the hardest part is remembering everything, like definitions, which equations to use, and concepts. It is completely different from GCSE in my opinion, as you learn a lot more about how things work and there is a much more predominant maths element.
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