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Is this some form of rape?! watch


    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I feel like I can't really bring this conversation up with him as it happened a few weeks ago, however it has been on my mind for a while
    If it's bothering you, I do think it's probably worth speaking to him about. After all, that's probably the best way to try to resolve it.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I'd suggest that if you are under 18 don't read this please.

    One evening my boyfriend and I went to bed and we were back quite late from a friend's party so we went to sleep straight away.

    I woke up at around 4 o' clock in the morning because my boyfriend was rumaging around next to me. I felt a bit strange but I was too tired to notice.

    Suddenly I noticed that his finger had gone under my pyjama bottoms and then into me. He was awake obviously so I told him to stop it but he didn't. When a couple of minutes had passed I didn't really mind.

    However, would you say this is some form of rape? I know it's not the actual activity but surely it may be something similar. As at first he didn't have my consent to do it.

    Is this a form of rape?
    Rape is the act of forcibly inserting the penis into mouth vagina or anus.

    It's actually scary how many people on this thread do not think that this counts as sexual assault.

    Sexual assault, yes. You were sleeping so you could not consent and you said no when you woke up, that's all there is to it.

    If you are still with him, please take care in case he starts to feel safe with it and decides to escalate it next time.

    (Original post by zippyRN)
    i would suggest you check the defintions under UK law as this is a UK site .

    the described incidient may constitute a sexual assualt under Uk law, it certainly does not constitute Rape under UK law
    I am from the UK and live here and I am aware it is a UK website. My apologies as I didn't read the post properly and misread. I guess none of us should assume OP is from the UK though and would be better for her to tell her where she lives so we can provide appropriate information.

    It may be difficult to talk to him about it if it's been a couple of weeks since it happened.

    Why don't you bring it up randomly and sort of say "remember when?" And then share your feelings about it.

    As he was doing that without your consent, it makes it some form of abuse.

    Is he an abusive man to you? Or is he quite gentle?
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