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Blackmail - relieving my secret watch

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    I really don't know where this post will go. Sorry for the bad grammar etc, just want to get it all.

    Basically, last easter I lost a "bet" the loser had to have a grinder profile for a day. I forgot about it when I went home. Anyway the time I realised I was in a bad place, lonely, GF problems that ended. I was surprised by the attention I got so I started speaking to people on the app. I had no intention to meet people from the app and all that. However, one conversation got out of hand and I sent some videos of my body for the attention. (The guy sending my videos as well but I didn't really take any notice of them) Then later that night I just deleted the app thought that would be the end of it. Recently, one of guy's friends asked me to do some calendar for charity.(My own friends also did this). Once that all finished he was saying that the guy I was messaging on the app was pissed off with me due to never meeting up. The guy's friend said he has been stopping him from posting FB status about him, relieving my secret and conversations. Now the person friend's is basically blackmailing me in order to stop him from relieving my secret. Worst of all asking for private images, which I foolishly sent hoping this would end him messaging me. (His friend messages me all the time, (On FB Twitter and text) causing me to be worried knowing my life would probably be over and haven't slept in days). His friend basically blackmailing saying keep me happy and he won't post

    anything. His friend even asking to meet up to do "stuff". I have told him that I was not interested in all that stuff and am I even seeing someone so it would be cheating. Told him straight about this but it doesn't stop. Dig myself so far into a hole and I don't know what to do. If Ignore/block his friend he knows too much and has images/videos. I know it's my fault for being idiotic. I would also like to make it clear I don't actually know who the person I spoke on the app is and his friend refusing to tell me his name. Says that he would send screenshot but never does. If anyone can help and want to speak over DM then just comment and I will send a DM.

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