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I requested to reschedule an interview, have I lost my chance? watch

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    (Original post by J-SP)
    Your mistake was taking a "few weeks" to follow up.

    I'm not sure how you know someone definitely read an email if you didn't get a response from them. If you hadn't of heard back confirming a new interview slot within a week you should have contacted them back, maybe even by call rather than email.

    Waiting three weeks every time you don't get a response means you will miss the recruitment process. It wouldn't surprise me if the recruitment process had gone beyond telephone interviews by now.

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    OP you should pay attenion and read this. Businesses are busy, some of them arent perfect. the mistake was yours in not chasing it up and getting a positive confirmation. E-mails are not the best way of communicating and in many instances the phone gives you an immediate and unambiguous answer. Interviewers are not always available, it isnt just you. They may already have got someone by now. They dont have to interview everyone.
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    (Original post by J-SP)
    Ok this is how I have read it.

    You emailed the individual HR person on 01/12 saying you can't make it. You get her out of office. It then takes you 5 days to contact the main HR team as an alternative, and that's only one day before the assessment is due.

    On 15/12 you email her again. She could easily still be out of the office and you may not have received a second OOO notification if she had been out of the office throughout that time - and therefore no one has picked up your email.

    Yes, the contact from the HR team in general has been somewhat questionable, but the main HR team might have assumed it wasn't urgent and covered by the individual, and that individual could quite easily have been out of the office longer than expected.

    You have since left it 5 weeks go subsequently follow up. Why have you taken so long? Also why did you leave it 5 days to follow up when you got the OOO notification, why not follow up sooner?

    If you can't find a number, contact them through one of their social media channels or just call their switchboard (I found that straight away with a Google search).

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    Thanks for your reply. I see what you mean, next time I will handle the situation much better. When I email on the 15th she replied back the same day so she is back in the office now.

    (Original post by PrincessJF)
    She didn't give me her number and I have searched for the HR team number of online but I can't find it. If I email her again, would it not come across as being annoying ? Since she already told me that she will let me know..
    Every company has a switchboard - if you can't find the individual's number, go through the switchboard.

    As I said, it's probably too late now but there is no harm in contacting them again. It isn't annoying unless your conversation is curt, rude or overly persistent.

    Just to add it into the mix, the whole recruitment team could easily be outsourced to another company, and those people could be managing multiple company accounts. Would explain why they are doing everything through email anyway.

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    (Original post by roflcakes1)
    Recently I've been invited to interview in Newcastle, despite there being a location in London offered. I e-mailed and said that I live in London so that would be preferable and they replied saying that the location was not flexible. I don't mind travelling but now the company has to reimburse me up to £200 for travel which is currently spent out of my own pocket and a b&b for the night (otherwise I wouldn't get there in time) including meals etc. All for the sake of not being able to interview me in London and I wonder how many more candidates are in this position that they are forking out for.
    HR infuriates me. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there's plenty of capable HR professionals, but there's also a whole lot of dead weight. A tiny amount of common sense and some good planning could save a company like the one you describe above a pile of cash - but some dead end HR bod has the budget and spends it indiscriminately.

    They get away with this because nobody is looking. HR tends to be too small an expense in the grand scheme to be attracting the attention of top management, but when you look at the wastage in HR it's often awful. Can you imagine the uproar if an ops department in a big manufacturer was this wasteful with expenses? Or to bring it back to the OP example, can you image if a sales department was letting leads get lost like this? Would be uproar!

    (Original post by Boreism)
    What can you say to those who already have a job but is unable to attend an interview?
    Not a lot of employers are flexible in this case because of their office hours.

    Also it's not just OP who has an interview; what if employers' schedules are fully booked to see the other candidates?

    Saying this from experience here...
    This would be an example of HR failing to properly manage their candidates. There should never be a '1 time slot only' policy..

    I have never in my life been told there is zero flexibility on an interview slot. It's essentially either HR doing a poor job at managing comms (granted OP could have done more chasing), or HR showing a blatant disregard for candidates on account of having more applicants than jobs. Neither is a good sign.

    (Original post by PrincessJF)
    She didn't give me her number and I have searched for the HR team number of online but I can't find it. If I email her again, would it not come across as being annoying ? Since she already told me that she will let me know..
    Mate, if you're serious, you email them every other day from now on until you get a firm answer either way. What do you stand to lose?
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    You needed to use some initiative at the time to chase it up. You will learn for next time.


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