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    alright, finally get some information through about course selection today from the department - but its such little help!

    basically had to trail around online lookin for info about what the required courses were so i could add them on as it currently says im not enrolled on any classes. search for these classes on that student service thing. they dont come up!


    (must include LELA10011, LELA10021, LELA10032, and one of LELA10041 or LELA10142; may include one 20-credit foreign language course)
    none of the lela10011, lela10021, lela10032 show up which gets to me because if they're required, why not show up on my class schedule already??

    i've added other course units to add up to 60 credits for the linguistics side of the degree, but how am i even supposed to see what course units i can do for the Lit side if
    a) the required courses im supposed to do dont even show up,
    and b) ive no timetable to go on for the required courses so i know im not clashing my lectures or anything by adding optional units.

    its just so annoying, what should i do? i just feel like shouting down the phone out of sheer frustration because its not clear in the slightest. is this a problem for anyone else?

    yes! ive tried ringing with no reply as im doing eng lit and french, and the french part is clear but ive received no info re. lit. think im just going to badger them when i move up on thurs.

    Hmmmm, I wasn't enrolled on my mandatory courses when I registered, but I found them waiting for me to sign up on my wish list

    I don't do lit, but I do linguistics. Best thing to do if your courses don't show up on the system is to email Gillian Woodward ([email protected] uk), she will add them for you. I had to do it this year too (I'm going into 2nd year)

    Sorry about the lit, don't know!
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Updated: September 10, 2007
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