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    What's a Level psychology like? And does it require a lot of maths? Could you also give examples of what topics you do in it?


    (Original post by Jadevchristine)
    What's a Level psychology like? And does it require a lot of maths? Could you also give examples of what topics you do in it?

    I'm currently studying A2 Psychology and I do enjoy it very much. It's essentially going through explanations/theories and research and then evaluating them. In the exam, questions will range from simple multiple choice questions to extended writing essay questions. Also, exam boards have put an extra emphasis on application for the new spec; this is applying your psychological knowledge to a given scenario. You will come across the mathematical side when going over research methods. However, they are really simple as they often ask about the mean ect as well as testing your graphical skills. So, i would suggest that a B/C in GCSE maths will make you more then capable in tackling the mathematical side of psychology. I'm doing the new linear AQA spec and have gone over topics such as Attachment, Social influence (Obedience, conformity ect) as well Relationships.

    Feel free to ask me anymore questions

    I'm currently doing A2 psychology on the AQA exam board. It doesn't involve too much maths (which I'm thankful for as I'm rubbish at maths!), but I'm not sure what it's like for other exam boards? The topics I've done are psychopathology, attachment, social influence, memory, forensic psychology, biopsychology, schizophrenia and relationships! We also have to do research methods (which maths is part of), approaches in psychology and issues and debates! Hope this helped

    (Original post by Jadevchristine)
    What's a Level psychology like? And does it require a lot of maths? Could you also give examples of what topics you do in it?

    Hi, I'm currently in Year 12 studying Psychology so I've only been studying it for 4/5 months.

    I really like Psychology! It is very interesting and I always find myself applying what I've learnt to real life! I'm even considering studying post Sixth Form which I never thought I'd do. The topics I've studied since September are: Approaches, Memory and Social Influence (+ bits of Research Methods). I'm on the AQA exam board btw which I feel like most Psych students are on...

    Something I didn't even know about Psychology before Year 12 is evaluation - It's basically you explaining the advantages and disadvantages of a particular idea/concept. This is a massive part of the course, and you basically have to evaluate every double page spread in the textbook. Evaluation is difficult at first but I'm getting the hang of it now.

    I personally don't find the subject content in Psychology that hard, there's just a LOT of content lol. Our teacher is super pushy aswell so we get lots of work and exams every week, and she also gets us to do presentations etc. but most teachers aren't like this lmao!

    Maths in Psychology isn't really that hard. We've done graphs, bar charts, looking at statistics, mean/mode/median, standard deviation etc. but it's all very easy tbh so don't worry about the Maths.

    For GCSEs just aim for solid grades in English, Maths and Sciences and you'll be fine with Psychology.

    If you have any questions, just ask me/pm me.

    Good luck with your GCSEs! x

    Hi guys!
    In need of psychology students to help me out with my research project.

    Really quick, only 9 questions.
    Much appreciated.
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