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    Hi there, I'd completed my Cambridge A-Levels in two sittings, May/June 2016 for AS and Oct/Nov 2016 for A2.

    Apparently, I'm not technically satisfied with my results to be honest.

    In my AS,
    I'd gotten
    Biology - 77 B(b)
    Chemistry - 80 A(a)
    Physics - 71 B(b)
    Maths - 58 D(d)

    In my Overall A-Levels after A2.

    Biology - 73 B(b)
    Chemistry - 78 B(b)
    Physics - 62 C(c)
    Maths - 55 D(d)

    Due to A-Levels offered in my country is just 1.5 years, I don't feel like I have enough time to prepare well compared to the other UK boards. My results are okay, is enough to get me through into an Engineering course in a private institution University in my country, but I can't apply local, as I'm required to get 3Bs to even let me in.

    Personally I don't like studying for Biology, basically is just memorize through all the facts, and regurgitate the facts out on the exam script, and I'd personally have the most hardest time through this subject. But the lecturer was dedicated and pull me through a B.

    Meanwhile for Chemistry, it has a to the good foundation I have, but I would say, due to nervousness, and careless mistakes in balancing and substitution in stoichiometry, despite correctly balancing the overall equations. I can do better, but apparently they pulled the grading threshold and pop out a few new syllabus made me didn't score that well in my A2 paper.

    I'd missed 5 marks for that A(a) in my A-Levels.

    These two lecturers used slides and videos in their lectures.
    The latter two, Physics and Mathematics, these two subjects I've the most trouble with as my lecturers aren't really good at teaching, joining this A-Level.

    Both entered the field of teaching at the same time, one a doctor, holding a PhD in Theoretical Physics, meanwhile the other is a fresh Math undergraduate from Warwick.

    Their teaching methods are kind of out to date, basically they are reading out the whole textbook, even copying notes from the textbook onto the board, which ate up lots of time, instead of understanding the concepts. Most students in my class struggled with their teaching methods.

    My foundation wasn't really strong, but I could do reasonable well, if I have more time on these subjects, because the homework given by these two lecturers wasn't really practical, as all of it are "examples" and "end of chapters questions".
    Hence, I'd really struggled along for the past years I'd did.

    I'd haven't plan to registered for A-Levels yet through British Council.
    As I have serious doubts if I can make it if I retake AS+A2 for Maths and Physics and A2 Chemistry again within these short 3 months.
    If not I need to delay my A-Levels to next October and November, and drag my University intake until 2018, when I will be 21 next year...

    Should I go for retakes, or just continue on with university as I met the requirements? Is it possible someday after I finished my degree, I can redo my A-Levels, to make it look nicer?
    I don't think my employers will really care about my Pre-U prerequisites tho.
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    Sorry you've not had any responses about this. Are you sure you've posted in the right place? Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there.

    Just quoting in Amusing Elk so she can move the thread if needed :wizard:
    (Original post by Amusing Elk)

    Which Exam Boards did you do?

    and did you do the legacy papers?
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    (Original post by rockwell_c_g)
    Which Exam Boards did you do?

    and did you do the legacy papers?
    I did stated clearly, Cambridge International Examinations A-Level.
    Cambridge A-Levels for short, not Cambridge Pre-U.
    What is this legacy paper you mean? We only have EdExcel and Cambridge offered to us.
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