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    since i was 16 i've suffered from chronic stomach pains every 2 months. i'm now 20 and doctors still don't have a clue, there's so many forums online with people that have the exact same symptoms of me and hardly anyone has been able to be diagnosed, some have even suffered for over 20 years. The pain usually lasts for a week and consists of extreme abdominal pain (honestly a 10/10 on the pain scale, feels like my insides are on fire), vomiting, sweating, loss of appetite (i won't eat anything the whole week as it hurts extremely bad if i do and i can't keep anything down). i've had cat scans, endoscope, xrays, blood tests galore yet they're all coming back saying i'm fine.

    i'm still visiting a specialist but obviously all this makes it extremely hard to get a job. i had to leave my last one just before christmas as i was obviously having to take time off every 2 months and it got to the point where i was so stressed i just left. i've tried everything e.g fixing my diet, giving up certain foods, exercising more, changing my birth control but nothing works. i give up. i don't know what to do as although i live with my parents my savings are slowly running out and i need a way to make money. i'm so scared to apply for jobs as the same thing will happen and i'll need time off. is there anything i can do? anyway i can work without time off being a problem or is there anyway i can claim benefits? i'm just at a loss right now and any help would be great thank you

    Some type of freelancing?
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    You may be eligible for some form of benefits so you may like to look into that. I would suggest you at least look into disability benefits- i'm not sure if you would be eligible. If you do get a job you should also look into what can be done to help you. I believe you would be included in the same sort of category as disabled persons and thus entitled to reasonable support. That could include things like flexibility with working from home or an understanding that you need to take a fair amount of medical leave.
    You can also look into part-time work, freelance work, working from home etc. You could also look into seasonal or short term employment if you think you could work it around when the pain come on (assuming it's at all predictable).

    Your doctor may be able to point you towards a service that can help you so it may be worth talking to them about it.

    Good luck trying to find out and treat what's wrong. It must be very frustrating having these problems let alone not knowing why.
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