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Why are most Afghans so pale?? watch

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    Most Afghans dont consider themselves as South Asian, not my words but the facts:

    You can most likely rule out South Asian, Afghans don't have that much in common with Pakistanis( punjabis, jats, Sindhis, Muhajjirs etc) let alone India or Sri Lanka to be fair. Recent "common" links between Afghans and the sub continent came mostly after 1980s, many afghans moved east across the border to Pakistan, hence why a lot of Afghans understand Urdu, watch Bollywood etc.

    Infact many influences the Indus basin consumed from Afghanistan, not the other way around.

    Afghans have two main languages, Dari/Farsi/Persian and Pashto. They are both an indo European language, and closely related to other iranic languages, such as Kurdish, Persian( Iran), Baluch, lur, mazandarani, pamiri etc, it is NOT an indo Aryan language unlike Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi , Gujarati etc.

    Geographically it's pretty complex, because from a certain perspective you could classify Afghanistan as all three. However according to historical books and so forth, Afghanistan was and always has been part of the Iranian plateau, basically Persia or greater Persia. Geologists will tell you the same thing, the Iranian plateau includes Afghanistan, it's a fact. In addition, many historians and travellers considered the Indus basin or around east of swat in Pakistan to be the gateway to the sub continent, most defintley not Afghanistan.

    Culture wise Afghanistan is a mixture of ethnic groups, about 20% of the population consists of Uzbeks, Turkmens and hazaras. These groups will most likely be considered Central Asian as they are a Turkic group. On the other hand, the Pashtuns and Tajiks or Persians of Afghanistan are a iranic ethnic group, with close ties to Iranians, Kurds, Baluchis, lurs etc. they celebrate Nowruz, cuisine very similar such as shomi kabob, haft sin or mewa etc. it also has ties with Central Asia as the most famous dishes of Afghanistan were brought by the Uzbeks. Biryani in India originated from Persia believe it or not. For all those people thinking, "what about those Pashtuns in Pakistan that make up 15% of the population while more Pashtuns being in Pakistan than Afghanistan?!" There's more Lebanese in Brazil than Lebanon itself, do we call Lebanon South America or South American? No. Lebanon is the homeland, as is Afghanistan, Which literally means land of the Afghans aka Pashtuns. Believe it or not there's also a large chunk of Pakistanis who aren't Pashtun that consider themselves Pashtun, let that sink in.

    Phenotypically one can find any type of Afghan, ones that Look fully European, Arab, turkish, Punjabi etc. but on average and many afghans will look much more similar to an Iranian or Kurd than a Uzbek or Indian. It's proven, Afghans are part of the Irano Afghan race , which is part of the eastern Mediterranean race. Genetically speaking , Pashtuns and Tajiks cluster together, while Uzbeks and Turkmens cluster with each other. Pashtuns and Tajiks are mainly west Eurasian with influences from South Asia and Central Asia.

    To come to a conclusion, Afghanistan is in the grey area, but if one puts enough thought to it they can categorise it, it's not rocket science.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Most Afghans I see are so pale. Also, I get mistaken with them and kurds. Is it just one ethnicity of Afghans who are like that or is this normal?
    I swear you are probably an Afghan writing this. We are notorious for gassing ourselves up because we look 'white' lmao. I've seen blacker afghans and kurds than bengalis and indians. guess why? cos every group of people (nationalities, ethnicities) have black and white people and everything in between so no. All us Afghans are different looking.

    don't get much sun I assume
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