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I've written a ps for uniq but I don't know if its good enough!
I got 4A*s, 4As and 2Bs at GCSE and my choices were english, classics and spanish. This what I have so far:
People view literature as defined by Shakespeare or Homer, but I see it as defined by the reader. It opens your mind and gives you the ability to view the hidden aspects of the world around you. As such, I’m an avid listener of Gresham lectures, particularly enjoying Belinda Jacks' lecture on Charles Dickens' use of hyperbole as a way of exposing inequality in the class system. It encouraged me to find other examples in Dickens' many other works. I also learned many new literary techniques, such as aptronym, which I now actively look for in other literature. I had the privilege of being chosen to represent my school on a cultural exchange program to China, the highlight being Mandarin literature lessons.It was intriguing to learn the differences between our literature and enlightening to discover that there were many similarities. From Harry Potter to Hard Times, plays to poetry; literature has become a footprint in our society, the personification of the ideologies of great people. I’ve always admired the ability to hide intricate thoughts in a few words, uniting thousands of possibilities in your mind to a single sentence, where there is never one answer. The best example of this is Fo's Accidental Death of an Anarchist. It was a joy to read such a brazenly satirical play. I want to understand the difference between a good and a great writer and I believe that UNIQ will be able to help me with this task.

Thank you!! XD

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