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    In a blog for the Huffington Post (originally published by The Conversation), Head of Politics at Sheffield Hallam, Andy Price highlights five ways to make 2017 a better year for everyone following a turbulent and dramatic year in politics at home and abroad.

    "2016 was a topsy-turvy, through-the-looking-glass year. Black is white, rich is poor, lies are truth. The Brexit vote, the election of Donald Trump, and the surge of populism across Europe have left the West more divided than many can remember […]

    "The key now is not to lament these events, but to work out how to respond to them."

    Read it here >

    Pretty mediocre article to be honest.

    1: No, there has been far too much compromise already hence brexit and Trump, they won let them deal with it. (I voted remain personally)

    2: essentially: ' our politicians should tell the truth!' Well yeah people have been saying that since Plato

    3: probably the best point- though in a free society i can't see how that will work. Politics is by definition divisive. Both sides are guilty of this which this article presents as entirely one sided.

    4: see 2, we can challenge him because of the free press but that also leads to point 3.

    5: Obviously all rational people should examine both sides of the argument. That said he misses the point and shows his true colours when he asks democrat voters to research Chomsky (those are the people who voted Jill Stein).

    If you were really interested in looking at the other side of the argument you would have suggested watching something entirely out of their comfort zone e.g. Milo Yiannopollous.

    Here's my five

    1: lets do something about voting. Trump won a legitimate victory- but its wrong that (whatever you think of her) Clinton did not win despite having millions more votes. Like wise in the UK- bring in proportional representation! Additionally no more Referendums for large problems- we have a parliamentary democracy for a reason.

    2; clean up politics-Trump is right, it's a swamp out there. Let's limit the power of lobbying and crony government especially foreign governments (Saudis, Israel, Russia...)

    3: Get over yourselves. If Trump/ Brexit is the worst thing that happens to you this year you need to get a life. (Likewise if Clinton/ Remain had won)

    4: we have a problem with Islamic terrorism. Our politicians have been cowed for too long in nameing the problem to the extent eheee they felt they had to elect somebody like Trump to address it and do something radical (for the British) to protect themselves from it.

    5: liberalism is dead long live liberalism

    As the article above shows (albeit unknowingly) there is a paradox in modern liberalism to be for openness and tolerance of different views but in the same breath go on diatribes about mysoginy and racism of which some of the more rabid progressives seem to think is anything that goes against their views.

    Progressive liberalism is also generally selective on it's targets of racism and mysoginy, rarely if at all chiding minorities for unpleasant views ( in particular those of muslim And Jewish communities) whilst denouncing such unforgivable actions as Christians not baking a gay couple a wedding cake.

    Liberalism is about the individual and universal values. The relativistic identity politics of faux liberalism is an abomination and if it takes the likes of Trump to kill it then so be it.
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