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    I was just wondering what level I would get for this (I shortened it for this post), as we are studying The Hunger Games and i'm in year 9. Thx x

    The Arena
    Chapter 1
    60…59…58…I lift my head slowly, trepidation flowing through my frozen veins…56...55…54…Bright lights threaten to obscure my vision and I struggle to see my surroundings…47…46…45…I am panicking now, the hysteria bubbling dangerously up my throat…42…41…My eyes water, but I refuse to let the tears fall…39…38…37…Sweat glides down my forehead and I feel myself tremble…32…31…30…Panic attack…29…I’m having a p-panic attack…26…25…24…’Pull yourself together Glimmer,’ chastises my brain...23…’You have to survive’…21…22...the anxiety gradually disintegrates into nothingness…Yes, my vision is fine now…Sunlight shines off the clear waters and into my eyes…20…Wait water?!...19…ah a lake…13…12…11…You wasted too much time…9…8…7… I quickly take in the rest of my surroundings, brushing the hair off my eyes…6…5…I take a running position…an athlete ready for a race…a tribute ready for a kill…4…Ready…Get…set…3 …2…The gong goes of…1…go…And I sprinted into the centre…
    Of a maze.
    Chapter 2
    The wind rushes ferociously past my ears as I hurl myself towards the prize that will potentially save my life. The cornucopia. I stand guard, the only female career left, now that my female counterparts had decided either to get stabbed or chocked to death. Oh well-two less for me. My earlier fears had vanished and were now replaced by a malevolent urge to kill. The lioness inside me had awoken. After a curt nod towards the remaining careers, I pounced, tearing at my prey’s throat-a scrawny male of 3 who thought he could sneak past me- with the dagger till I was sure he had stopped breathing. Only then did I stop to raid the cornucopia.
    Weapons. Food. More Weapons. I had already decided to adopt a machete as I was sure that it was my best chance of attack. Sticking it through the loop in my belt, I also snatched up a pack of smaller knives (good, sharp knives) as I was positive they would come in handy. Plus, I never missed. Ever.
    Grabbing a large rucksack, situated in the very centre of the treasure cove, I filled the already-full bag with pieces of food I found lying around: vitamin supplements, packets of cooked meat, dried fruit, crackers, cherry tomatoes and cold potato slices. As I snuck out of the cornucopia, I grabbed a two-litre water bottle half-full with water. I wave at my fellow district 1 tribute-the one who tried to oust my confidence in the Caesar Flickerman interview- and pretend that I am merely checking the contents of the rucksack instead of stealing it. Checking that the rest of the males were busy fighting in the initial bloodbath, I sprint away, my laughter trailing behind me. I am no longer a Career tribute. The district 2 male stares after me in awe trying to alert the others… And gets stabbed in the back in the process.
    I have just stolen their most valued prize. I have their weapon of choice. 3 of them are dead. I killed a boy. *4 down. 20 more to go…
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    Ooops i forgot to say, we had to make our own version of an arena

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