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Considering becoming vegan/vegetarian watch


    (Original post by Revie)
    Vegetarian/Vegan sounds alright until you realise that you essentially have to castrate yourself to be one
    When does that happen? I'm about two and a half years into vegetarianism and two years into veganism and the thought of 'essentially castrating' myself has not occurred to me yet.

    (Original post by Vixen47)
    Ew. Vegetarianism is a huge no. Think of all the steak and chicken wings that will mourn you. :eek: Veganism is a bigger no. All those cups of tea ruined. Good god. What's the point of life if not meat and tea.
    I don't know if you were being serious with the tea bit but if you were you should try it with Soy milk. It tastes virtually the same as with cow milk. Use the brand "Alpro"'s soy milk (which fortunately is probably the most widely sold) to be sure that it does, though, as that's what I have used to make tea with. Of course you will likely also find that a cup of tea is not ruined if you use a milk that makes it taste discernibly different to a cup of tea made with mammalian milk. In fact you may very well find the difference to be an improvement.

    You are most welcome and definitely, link up with the Veggie Society on here, as well as the various Vegetarian/Vegan societies and interests groups. (meetup.com has regular ones, making these connections will give you valuable insight and perspectives, suggestions, recipes, etc.)

    (Original post by JamesH2017)
    Thank you.

    You can also use soy milk which is fortified with protein to help you make gains

    (Original post by ChickenMadness)
    Firstly, and this is the biggest reason. It will make me 'cool' and 'hip'.

    Secondly, I'm really into health + fitness anyway. Normally I'm not convinced by people to try certain 'health' things unless they show me evidence for it. Most of the vegetarian videos I've seen have been full of BS and not articulate at all, but now that I've been watching this guy Mic the vegan I am convinced. I'm all about being healthy and living longer lol.

    Only problem is I'm into bodybuilding so I'm going to have to find out if it's viable or not. I don't even like eating meat anyway and I generally get most of my protein from protein shakes because I find eating masses of meat a massive chore.

    Saving animals is also a plus.

    Corbynista thanks for linking that guys channel lol. Really informative videos.
    Can't tell if you're trolling honestly but I've been vegetarian for 6 years and I play rugby & regularly work out. Never been a problem until the last couple of months and even then only because I've had other health problems emerge; iron supplements and I'm sorted.
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