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Why are there no restrictions on who can be U.S president? watch


    (Original post by Robby2312)
    Obviously he wouldn't just for being in a bad mood.But incidents have happened in the past where one side has thought the other has launched nukes.Its only through cool heads that disaster was averted.Trump is not a cool head.He is very much a hothead.I do not find it a comfort to know that his finger is on the button because of Putin.We should not be viewing Russia as our enemies.We should work with them to solve common problems.The way Obama talked it was as though the cold war was still happening.You call me a five year old,yet it is the new president who seems to have the mindset of a five year old.He has claimed that global warming is a Chinese hoax,he also wants to build a wall to keep out Mexicans.How is it unreasonable to expect that the guy who can give the most serious orders, to be at least a bit mature or intelligent?
    Firstly, how do you know Trump is not a cool head? Have you seen him lose his temper? I haven't. Do you think that because he doesn't have that stupid, phony smile on his face like you see on politicians as soon as a camera is on them? When you said Obama talked as though the cold war was still on did you mean Trump? When asked by reporters, the first words Trump spoke publicly about Russia and Putin were he didn't see Russia as the enemy nor Putin as an adversary. He was practically called a Russian plant in the American press and here on TSR it was said he wasn't aware of the threat Putin was and that he only wanted to become Pres. to further his business interests in Russia.

    It really doesn't matter what Trump thinks about global warming, or what I think about it or what anybody thinks about it. There's nothing we can do about it. I know a lot of the people here think science should rule us but not on this one. The first doomsday date came and went and so will the next one.

    For the umpteenth time, Trumps not building the wall to keep out Mexicans. He's building it to keep out illegals of all nations since all nations use that border to enter and to try and slow the flow of illegal drugs.

    Given the First Amendment to the American Constitution it would be somewhat ironic to ban someone from holding the office of President of the United States because of their expressed views, however repugnant these views may sometimes be.
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