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There is something that has been bugging me and I cannot find the answer anywhere.

I am fine with essay questions that start with "Outline and Evaluate" but what about the essays that start with "Discuss Research into....". It really throws me?

For example, on the mock there was a question that said "Discuss research into localisation of brain function" split 10 AO3 6 AO1. So do you simply outline the cortexes and what they do or do you have to use research that has been conducted into this. Similarly, with evaluation do you have to evaluate the research that has been conducted into localisation of function?
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To answer this question you have to imagine it says "tell me about localisation of function and include research". You would discuss the different parts and what they do and then use research to support this, therefore the research acts as A03. Do not use the research to present the argument or it serves as A01 and then you cannot use it to gain the A03 marks where it would be so much more useful! You could then do one evaluation point on each piece of research you use, but no more than one criticism or strength of the research used or you run the risk of answering a completely different question and instead evaluating the research rather than the concept in the question. You would probably also need general criticisms of the concept in question as just evaluating the studies you use as evidence woould not be enough to get all the marks in the questing as it wouldn't be in depth enough

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