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    Heya! I'm a student currently doing AS levels but i really want to apply to oxford. my only setback is my gcse results. i went to a posh private girls school so my gcse were considered awful and i decided to move to a state college to do my A levels. I have no valid reason for my gcse's being the way they were other than that i considered myself to be safe coming from where i was and i didnt take them as seriously as i should have. (I got 1A* 4A's 5B's) However i have had a kick up the backside and i have never been so motivated to do well. I'm predicted AAA in my as levels (History, politics, maths) and i got this in my mocks and I hope to do as well in my actual a levels. I want to apply for Oxford which is a heavily popular course at the uni which is another reason why i'm severely doubting my chances but hey a girl can dream right?! I do some decent extra curricular stuf fsuch as volunteering, d of e, MUN, polsoc etc but I want to know what my chances are looking like and what i could do to increase them??? Sorry for the anectode aha just wanted to give some context lol
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    Your GCSEs are fine, people with less good grades than that get into Oxford/Cambridge every year. GCSE grades might become relevant if the admission tutor is trying to choose between two applicants who are in every other respect the same, but generally they are not a big factor - it is your A level grades that matter. Extracurricular activities (unless strictly relevant to the subject you're applying for) are irrelevant.

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    Your GCSEs are fine, people with less good grades than that get into Oxford/Cambridge every year.
    Yes, but those are people that do don't tend to be from a posh private girls school. Everyone will be predicted great A-Level results, that's a given.

    Doing well on your subjects admissions exam is the best way to increase chances of admission. These are standardised tests that offer Oxford the opportunity to directly compare the thinking skills of all applicants regardless of background.

    After that it will come down to having a great interview alongside knowing your subject inside out. Get Reading!

    Hope this helps
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