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Why some girls stay with cheaters watch

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    If I remember my A-Level Psychology, it is because they still get the benefits of the relationship. Now if they were to leave, there is no relationship so that's more of a stress on the person. Something like a risk vs reward sort of thing.

    Lol, it's different reasons for everyone, sometimes they think they have no choice and will be nothing without that person and can't imagine life without him. Sometimes because they just need someone and sometimes its because even tho the person cheats they manage to convince themselves that person loves them. also, sometimes they can't see the truth which is the person does not change and by staying with that person they will not be able to change him instead will let him think it's okay.

    (Original post by tippyto452)
    When you leave a relationship it's kinda like hitting ground zero, and you have to build your way back up with someone new. you go through emotions wondering if you will ever find that spark with anyone else. It's a combination of attachment and your hormones screwing you over. Sometimes the thought of leaving and trying to find another relationship and starting alllll over again is more daunting than the thought of giving a cheater (who you are already attached to, in love with and invested in the relationship) another chance.

    Source: I stayed with a cheater, he cheated on me AGAIN, super regret it. Never give second chances, the fact that a guy had the lack of empathy to hurt you to begin with shows that he does not like you enough to not cheat on you again. HE WILL 100% DO IT AGAIN IF HE GETS THE CHANCE. Just leave. It will be hard, but it's better to do it sooner than stay some more and get even more attached, or invest even more in the relationship. The longer you stay, the harder it is to leave.
    Once a cheater, always a cheater.

    (Original post by xobeauty)
    Is because they don't want the other women to win, silly logic right? Because it's a never ending battle, just move on....instead of viewing them as competition and wasting ur money on maintaining yourself trying to one up other females for a guy who's just a pig just let it goooo.
    Top reasons:

    1. They believe being miserable in a relationship is better than being miserable on your own

    2. They don't understand that love is TWO-SIDED just because they love the guy with all their heart that is enough for them to stay ( cheating=they don't love you, some women are blind to this).

    3. They are too emotionally invested to leave.

    4.They think that if they leave the relationship they are 'weak' (this is the most stupid reason, you are more weak if you stay)

    Here's an article to illustrate point 4:
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