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Am I fat? How much weight should I lose? Female/5'5 PHOTOS Watch


    (Original post by Unistudent77)
    You claim you're all high and mighty, a leader of the proletariat (calling me authoritarian) and yet you fall to 'didn't have the intelligence'.
    If that isn't having a go at me, idk what is.

    So, since none of your recent posts in this thread (since i removed a few of them) have had ANY positive benefit to this thread, we will end this chat.

    If you continue, i will delete.

    'More insecure than the OP is'

    AGAIN, how is this relevant?
    Being aggressive oncemore.

    Stop trolling
    Calm down. This all began because I had a harmless jab at you which clearly pushed one of your buttons.

    Learn to laugh. Goodnight.

    (Original post by small.littlefish)
    But I'm not insecure. Just want opinions since irl friends/family lie to not hurt feelings, but the internet doesn't.
    Fair enough.

    Bear in mind even in this fitness forum, there are people who will view you as far too skinny, and those who will view you as far too fat.

    As long as you're happy, that's all that matters.
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    This thread hurt my mind

    Firstly you're not fat now and you're perfectly healthy looking. If you're looking to improve how you look, lifting weights is the only viable answer as losing weight at where you are currently won't really improve the way you look.

    The FAQ has been mentioned numerous times and is really the only advice applicable here as it covers just about anything

    (Original post by small.littlefish)
    Thanks. Not that I know if, when I lose weight I always do it through eating only plants, veg, nearly no meat and very healthy foods and exercise. I don't count calories but since most meals constist of only veg etc. I guess my calories between 1200-1700 daily.

    I couldn't restrict myself that much 😂
    I would find a balance between cookies and broccoli (i personally hate broccoli yuck yuck) because then your body gets the nutrition without your mind being deprived or thinking you are on a "diet". A mental and physical change that won`t backfire or lead to an unhealthy attitude will come with balance. I only thought this bcs you said "when I lose weight" so you do tend to lose alot and gain alot. idk I sound like a preacher xD but bottom line is find a balance - consistency

    I don`t count cals either - no need for that negativity in our lives tbh xD
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Updated: January 26, 2017
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