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My bf and I went to the strip club watch

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    What else did you expect at a strip club?

    The solution here is: you either get used to his behavior and be careless so it doesn't get to you anymore, but I suppose you'll still suffer inside and it will pretty much damage you for good, or you force yourself to go through the pain of leaving him once and for all.

    If you love yourself, you'll leave him.

    For the love of God, how many more of these threads are you going to make? Everyone says the same thing every time: leave him. But you're not going to listen because you enjoy the attention too much, right?

    (Original post by xobeauty)
    I know those of yous who are familiar with my relationship with this dude are probably sick of hearing it, so I suggest you just leave or hear me out.

    My boyfriend has been wanting to be honest with for months about things. When I first met him he said he hardly even did weed, turns out he's a pothead. A few months into the relationship he had been saying he wanted to be honest about somethings, that his last relationships had been full of lies and that he didn't want lies in this relationship- but he never ended up telling me and I never pushed him cuz i could really tell he was scared to tell me and I was too scared to know.

    Well the thing he wanted to be honest about was that he does cocaine once in a while and he was afraid I'd judge him. Only thing is I found out from his roommates gf ( that's when I also found out he cheated on me, and had girls over and his excuse was that people come over to smoke weed- he was a dealer at the time- but quit cuz of me. Sure.

    So this weekend, I went to his town with a bunch of his friends, we went to a bar, but in the basement there's a strip club. He warned me that girls would be coming up to him and hugging him, but they were just friends he's known from highschool, he lives in a small town everyone knows him he said this was a true test to see if I can handle it and be mature...

    Well you guessed it, I failed I was good most of the night... But I went into the washroom came out and saw him hugging a really gorgeous girl, not only was he hugging her he kissed on the cheek, it was a long hug so of course

    i walked by them and went to sit down he sat beside me and he could tell I was upset I forget how the convo went because I was drunk but basically he said he loves me and I should be ok I don't know what I said he just stormed off right out the bar and left me there with his friends I barely knew, and went home! He left me at the bar in his town and went home. His friends ended up taking care of me actually brought me back to his house thank god. He said he didn't want to deal with my **** he has friends and I need to get over it.

    He says he was having bad anxiety because he's afraid to take me places cuz I guess those other girls? Right now he won't talk to me because I keep breaking up with him, he was willing to fix things before now he seems fed up and says he feels like q doormat which I'm the one who should feel that way.
    lol thats what my ex said when we first got together. She turned out to be a compulsive liar and cheater

    Didn't you just make a thread about girls staying with cheaters being stupid? Why don't you leave him?

    He's just disrespectful and doesn't know how to act while in a relationship (he wants to act single). If I had a GF that didn't want me hugging and kissing other girls I wouldn't haha. It's not alot to ask off someone. It takes no effort to not do those things.

    He's negatively affecting your mental health. Need to leave him and recover lol.
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