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Haven't got a proper diagnosis but I feel like I have both, been bullied all my life and can't cope with any social situation and it's my final year and final semester and I feel like I want to kill myself cos I just feel depressed everyday to go to uni.... I haven't got any diagnosis but I think my condition is definitely affecting my learning, but I don't want to miss any lectures and actually want to finish off my final semester of my uni... do you think there's a way my uni can record all tutorials and lectures for me and I study at home ? Cos it's up to a point where I am affecting my surrounding classmates cos there was one time I was so nervous and I freaked out after a person spoke to me and I had to get out of the class and clam myself down, and now my classmate think that I hated him :/ I don't know, I always encounter situation and I just want to kill myslef cos I feel so stupid
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You need to see a doctor and get a medical diagnosis.

I would then recommend speaking to a welfare tutor / student services about what help they can put in to support your learning but you'll need to submit medical evidence about your diagnosis for them to help support you.

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