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Virgin at 21? bad thing? watch

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    So basically i never really cared before but I'm a 21 year old virgin in my final year at university and i can't help but feel embarrassed. I wouldn't say i'm completely inexperienced as i tried really hard to find a boyfriend, had drunken make out sessions, went on like 7 dates but idk i never really clicked with anyone and i didn't wanna waste it on some jerk haha. Last year i did have a boyfriend for 5 months, he was very special to me at the time and we did fool around but even thou i was ready... we didn't actually do it which kinda sucks haha. he told me he never wanted to take someone's virginity so that was that.

    So, i know it's not like a confidence thing for me or a thing out of shyness... i just genuinely haven't had the right opportunity. guys call me attractive so it is really embarrassing when they find out i'm a virgin. I'm currently dating a guy 2 years older than me and honestly i have a really good feeling about him, i just don't know if i should bring up the virgin thing.. don't want him to freak out of anything cause i'm pretty chill towards it. I just hate that the pressure of it is bothering me, all my friends have lost it and i feel like i never will.

    I am I a loser?? being too picky haha

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    there's nothing to be embarrased about- when the time is right, it'll happen!

    youve gotta realise that sex isnt a race to see who gets laid first, its about having that bond, intimacy and care for the person you're with.

    it'll happen when you're ready!
    and tbh, being a virgin is more attractive imo for some guys, believe me- take that from experiance! it shows that you care in a way? :yep:
    so tell him- you'll have to at some point right?
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