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So i am an Alevel student i have decided that i will not be going to uni, this is because at the moment i dont really know where im going with my life im going through a depressive stage which makes me lack motivation to reach goals. In the gap year id like to know how to find my interests this may sound stupid but i honestly dont know what i like? so what can i do to find the things i would like for example hobbies how do you find hobbies lol!
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Okay firstly, I'm very sorry to hear that you're going through a depressing stage of your life at the moment. I'm sure you don't want to dwell on the feeling too much, but just remember that it does get better.

So anyway to address your question how do you find hobbies? Firstly, a good place to start might be to see if your college or sixth form offer any societies or clubs that you can get involved in, even if it doesn't immediately appeal to you its best just to give it a shot and see.

Secondly, think about your preferences in regards to your spare time, do you like to being outside in your free time? Do you like sports? In which case you might want to try out running for example, if you prefer being in a quiet environment you might like reading.

My main piece of advice is this, try everything you can find and try it at least once, if you like then chances are you can take it up as a hobby.

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