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Do you ever watch films in foreign languages? watch


    As a languages student, probably as often as I watch English films to be honest. Japanese and Chinese films/TV mostly.

    (Original post by Paracosm)
    Hey everyone :hello:

    As per the title, do you? If not, why not? I think there's so much to be learned from films that aren't in English, we miss out on so many incredible works. I recently watched Kassovtiz' La Haine, which was incredible and really eye-opening. I'm planning to watch Un sac de billes when I can too (I'm really excited about this one, it's one of my favourite books!).

    If you do watch films in foreign languages, would you recommend any? I'd like to watch them.
    La Famille Belier is really good, also Zorba the Greek, Cinema Paradiso, those are just a few off the top of my head... On Netflix there's a new french show called A Very Secret Service, it's a comedy and so far pretty decent.

    (Original post by AngryJellyfish)
    Yes, director Takahata Isao is a genius. Certainly one of the more visually impressive anime films I've seen in years, and a good telling of the classic story.
    I love that film! Breathtakingly beautiful yet also heart wrenching. Spirited Away will always be my favourite however because that film is PERFECTION
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    Yes sometimes.
    I watched "A Separation" (Persian film) yesterday which was pretty good

    Cant believe nobody has mentioned:

    Ip man (chinese)
    Ip man 2 (chinese)
    The girl with the dragon tattoo (swedish)
    La femme Nikita (French)
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    I watch loads of foreign language films, some good ones are :

    The chaser - A Korean film about an ex cop who tries to find missing prostitutes. One of my favourite films; although I've been told that it's a rip off of memories of murder which is better.

    Blue is the warmest colour - A French film about a high school student who is gay and meets this older lady who she is then in a relationship with. I was recommended this by a friend for the intimate scenes, although those were excellent ngl, I cared more for the emotion during the film.

    Grave of the fireflies - A Japanese anime about two kids living during the second world war. It's a really sad film, but important to watch.

    The Hunt - Danish film about a man who works in a nursery who is accused of being a child molester.

    The raid - Indonesian action film following a police squad. It's definitely one of the greatest action films.

    Some of the best movies I have seen are mostly Japanese (not only the standard Ghibli ones but many others) - they have amazing plots and beautiful soundtracks that always guarantee to evoke real feels

    I always watch movies in English (which is not my mother tongue.)
    Also I'm interested in East Asian cultures and languages so I prefer to watch them in order to absorbe their culture.

    Lately I have watched A Confucian Confusion and Taipei Story by Edward Yang. Both of them have great cinematography.

    Many Japanese anime films

    Putting emphasis on 'many'.

    Here's a list of my faves -

    - Anything Studio Ghibli (tends to be beyond beautiful and basically my childhood)
    - The girl who leapt through time
    - A Silent Voice (Tears still flowing like rivers over here)
    - Wolf Children
    - Summer Wars (ah, brings me back to my 10 year old self)

    I don't think I've watched many non-anime foreign films. But I do regularly watch korean, thai, taiwanese, japanese and chinese tv dramas
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    I really like watching Foreign Films, but I find it more difficult to find the time for them, given the extra concentration they need. Lagaan is an excellent one though :love:
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