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Teacher does NOT teach; literally [Who should I report this to] watch

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    Ok so the subject is maths. All he does is set questions from a textbook and the whole lesson we do the question. He only spends 5 minutes teaching it and leaves the classroom every other five minute. When you ask him for help he says look at the textbook. I want to anonymously report this to SOMEONE I actually nearly reported it to the school inspectors as they are in for the whole week but I just don't have the guts. So I have a test tomorrow and we are in set 1 expected to get more than 80%

    If you really wanted to I guess you could always just make an anonymous email account and send an email to your head of department. But I don't think it's that a big of a deal if you just talk to him and just explain to him why you want him to help you.

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    When I had a teacher like that, I sort of started out with a casual comment then moved up if that makes sense.
    So the first time I had a problem with it (2 lessons into September when we were yet to get past the register in an hour) then I said to the HoD in passing something along the lines of "Don't suppose you fancy visiting us in our biology lesson tomorrow, we haven't done anything other than take the register yet!") She came in.
    There were clearly some concerns about this teacher other than from our class because she did then come in another couple of times without anyone saying anything. One time she came in at the end of a lesson and asked a random person "What have you learnt this lesson?" They announced "Nothing!"
    By November the teacher had a complete classroom change to try and correct some of the mistakes she had made (such as let us sit where we liked) and allow her to be nearer the HoD for mentoring. Her teaching was still terrible though
    I did quite a lot of subtle commenting to my other science teachers: "We're soo behind in biology" "No one ever listens in biology" "It took 45 minutes to do the starter in biology last lesson" "Miss X has unrealistic expectations of us"
    My dad is a science governor and I got him to talk to the HoF about it. She came into lessons a few times to watch us and our chemistry and physics teacher also came in a few times after we told them as a class that we were having problems.
    We had extra catch-up sessions put on for us with proper teachers. We had so much trouble with this teacher that this year we don't have her.

    So basically you need to tell the HoD, preferably not anonymously as you will be taken much more seriously if they know who is complaining and that it is a serious complaint. You need to clearly, fairly set out the problems with the lessons (sounds silly but don't blame the teacher, just say we are refused any explanation when requested after not understanding the textbook). Have an answer if they ask you what you think would help the class improve.

    I know that in my case the test results of the whole class being significantly lower than they should have been and the constant but fair comments helped a lot. I also made sure that, from an outsider's perspective I was a model student. All homework done on time, book neat (with deliberate gaps where teaching was missing), notes of how the information was gained (eg. copied from textbook or dictated to us) so anyone who looked at my book could see that were being taught incorrect information.
    The teacher herself probably thought I was a complete devil tbh because I always objected to anything she did wrong politely while still telling her she was wrong, but she couldn't pin anything on me because I sat in my correct seat, did the experiments as we were told etc.
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