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Can friends with benefits work? watch


    Depends on whether you get attached to this person or not. If you are a clingy person like me then you will fall into the feelings trap, but if you both just want to use each other for meat then go for it

    (Original post by Brunuk.)
    I am against this whole "friends with benefits" concept.
    I think you should only have sex with who you love and want to be with.
    It's much more special like that.
    Maybe it's because i'm a hopeless romantic.
    I am a guy by the way, straight and an atheist.
    Why do you get to be so prescriptive about what other people get up to?

    It's absolutely fine if that's the way you want to live your life. What's not fine is telling other people what they 'should' do in a consensual relationship.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Me and a close friend of mine were on a night out recently and ending up getting together, the same thing happened a few nights later so we've kinda decided on a friends with benefits situation as neither of us want a relationship, Can this actually work without ruining our friendship??
    It can work. I have never done it, but I have had friends that have and with certain types of people it can work really well. Some people try and set lots of rules/ boundaries and others try and say as little as possible to define it and just keep going and basically whichever way works best depends more on who you both are as a person.

    In the majority of times I don't think it works and I think someone always ends up getting hurt (and actually often the guy as well as the girl).

    Friendships can be quite transitory when you are in school/ college/ university so I wouldn't say that this is necessarily a reason not to do it - I think people get too hung up on preserving these things sometimes when in reality once they leave they often lose contact with many people very quickly.

    Basically my advice would be that if you don't have moral issues with it and the other person doesn't, and it is both what you really want then I don't think preserving the friendship is a reason not to do it. I also know a couple who started off that way and are now engaged, so you never know where it could lead even if right now you just want to be friends.

    (Original post by AndrewSCO)
    Maybe for a while but it won't last forever
    well, how many things last forever ?


    Yes, I think it is Actually a good relationship. You see each other always on good terms Or make each other feel good by the time you leave each other. I have friends I do stuff with, concerts, camping, dinner, sex. Maybe spend a week together then part ways for a while.
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