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Speech and Language Masters or swap degree and start a BSc Speech and Langauge watch

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    I am currently in my second year of an English degree on course for a first, I really enjoy it, it is a great uni, and I live in a great house - however, I have decided that I want to become a Speech and Language Therapist after graduating. If I finished my English Degree and did a masters, I would be able to stay in the house I have now (already signed the contract for next year), however, it seems like it is very competitive to get onto the masters courses, especially the one which would be my first choice (Reading). There is also the added fact that I may have to fund the masters myself.

    My other option is dropping out of my current uni and degree and switching over to Reading Uni to start a 4 year BSc in Speech and Language therapy which looks a lot less competitive and you need far less work experience to get onto it, I would also be able to get a student loan and would not have to fund the whole thing myself.

    To sum up, the pro's and cons are:

    - could stay in current house
    - If I decided Speech and Language Therapy wasn't for me I wouldn't be restricted
    - on course to get a good mark
    - have already signed the housing contract for next year

    - much more competitive for masters than it is for BSc
    - have to completely self fund masters

    - Less competitive than masters
    -Don't have to completely fund by myself
    - would be closer to my boyfriend (not a massive deal though)

    Cons -
    - having to start again in a new uni and either find somewhere else to live or commute from home
    - waste of a year and a half of my english degree
    - already signed housing contract for next year (although do know people who would potentially want to move in)

    any advice would be great

    What are you basing your decision on? Have you had some experience? Spent some time in a stroke group? A special school? Worked in a care home? It would be a rash decision to do anything without doing something like that first.

    I would be prepared to move. You can't count on getting into your first choice. When it comes down to it, most people take the option that's available to them. Both types of course are tough to get onto. You can't afford to be picky, and you should probably avoid making decisions about your future based on the best case scenario that you get into your first choice.

    You'll probably give yourself more options if you finish your current degree. Bear in mind that most undergraduate courses are actually three years now, only one more than the master's courses. There are loans available for the fees, both at undergraduate and master's level. If you graduate you'll also be more generally employable.

    It's not to say that people who don't complete their first degrees don't stand a chance of getting on. There were two people in my year who had started English degrees and quit, one specifically to do this and the other found her way in eventually. However, I will also point out that one of them didn't make it through the year. Based on examples like that, some people might question your staying power if you quit your degree. It is usually better to finish things you start. You could probably turn your third year dissertation into something relevant to your application as well, which would strengthen your application.

    It is worth doing, but it's a massive decision and a tough degree. I got an offer and deferred due to personal circumstances. Before I started I made sure I knew what I was letting myself in for. I got some very specific experience and made sure my decision was informed. Just make sure you're in the same position.
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