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Attendance confirmation to SFE

How long does it take SFE to process attendance confirmation from the university?
in my case 5 days but due to an issue over bank accounts a month before i was paid.
It takes 24-48 hours for both confirmation of attendance and confirmation of registration to appear on the student finance systems once the university send it over and then 3-5 working days to pay you.

registration for money to be paid into your bank, attendance is for the tuition fee
are u sure registration is for ur maintenance loan and attendance id for tuition fee.
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are u sure registration is for ur maintenance loan and attendance id for tuition fee.


CoA for tuition fees to be released and CoR for payments to the student to be released .
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Original post by ferdinand24611
are u sure registration is for ur maintenance loan and attendance id for tuition fee.

As far as the student is concerned, they both look like the same single process. However, SF see the two separate processes that murpo has explained.

To clarify, you won't get either the Maintenance Loan or have your tuition fees paid, unless you turn up for the start of your course. Don't be confused by a university's "online registration" which usually happens sometime over the summer - that isn't the same triggering process for SF payments that murpo is talking about.

It's also worth noting that you will not get your Maintenance Loan in advance of your official course start date unless you have completed the SF Hardship process. So even if you register/enrol the week before your course officially starts, you will not get the money until on or after the official start date:
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hi I have applied for student finance and maintenance loan and both has been approved. I am an adult and has started college with ukcbc. my course started 30 september and I have attended all lessons since (4 days per week). the college has still not registered me with student finance and hence it is not getting released to me. still awaiting confirmation from college on the slc website. I have called and emailed the college and they keep putting me off giving me one excuse after the other. this maintenance loan was supposed to help me with childcare and travel. what do I do
where do i do my attendance
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where do i do my attendance

Contact the uni/college.
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The student finance is waiting for my attendance confirmation. I should be paid on the 25th of this month, but my university said they would confirm my attendance on Friday 30th after I start my course.
For first payment need attendance, but for second as well?
Hi! I’m a bit ****ed off. I’ve started a masters degree with a university, distant learning on the 26th September, fully registered and everything. I thought I was going to start in Jan when applying for the loan, but there were extra spaces starting in Sept, so I sent a change of circumstances to them which they have confirmed to have received it. However, now it’s 2 days past my due date for the first instalment, but student Finance is still awaiting for confirmation of registration. I have emailed the right department who deals with this a few times and the student finance department at the university and haven’t heard anything back. I’m now concerned that this will affect my studies. Is this normal?
We when I started applying for student finance
In August I had paid on the 25 September before I started my course so now I'm in different university and different course The University Bath spa confirmed by emailing me that I have been fully enrolled and registered but the campus is playing games now they have to confirm registration as well so and I have to travel from cheshire to Manchester by trains and no money for traveling I don't understand those people they thing that evryone have money jobs etc.thanks