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Do Oxford see module grades?

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This thread is really confusing- having just applied i can say for 2009 entry (and as far as i know there are no planned changes)

1. If you cash in your grades, all universities will see the AS grades you achieved. Otherwise they don't. They see the A2 grades you are predicted. Your school will have a system on this- there's pros and cons to cashing in- depending on how good your grades were (i.e. if get a B but get predicted an A you don't want to cash it in)- saying that 99.9% of the time its not your choice

2. No oxford do not send forms/ ask for UMS at any point OFFICIALLY
i say this- a friend's 1st question at interview was what were her Maths UMS marks? (she applied for maths and phil) so high UMS is good

3. if you did well then tell them- you don't need to list every single UMS mark- evidently if you got 295 or something- just tell them the overall mark- other unis would be interested too- my school get a lot into oxbridge (usually) and they recommend putting it on personal statement or reference doesn't matter- on both if you have space!!
Thanks for clearing that up!
God this thread makes me feel small... :frown:
I read on the Oxford website that any conditional offers are determined by the fibal grade only. Is this the final grade for AS or the final grade for the overall A2 level.
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Final grade for the overall A2 level, unless they give you an offer including an AS, which does happen occasionally. Normally your offer will be AAA though, i.e. for three main A level subjects (not general studies/critical thinking).
i want to study physics at uni, and i think theres a small chance i may have got a B in the first module, will this mean much, even though my overall grade in the AS could be an A.
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It will mean more at cambridge than Oxford because they will ask for your specific UMS. Whether it will seriously detriment your chances is questionable.
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I am currently in year 12 and am looking to apply for Law later this year. I got AAAC (C in one chem module). However, i took this module early and am concerned about how this may affect my application.

I very much doubt it will make any difference at all to an application for law if you have a C in chem, given AAA in the others. They will care far more about your LNAT result and your interview, provided you are predicted AAA in teh subjects you are taking to A2. No need to fuss.

If you're that concerned then ace the retake; I don't think they'll care too much about one poor chemistry module, though.
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I retook a Maths module and got in to study Maths. Go for it!
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if ure school doesn't certify your grades till upper sixth you're laughing. that's what i did
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you dont have to put it in till autumn, by which time you can have resat it in summer, and IIR there is only one slott put the date of exam, so put June 09 :smile:

think you are meant to disclose your grades, but they may not care because they don't see your grades untill the last stage of summer after A levels, by which point tutors would likely not be too bothered if you had fulfilled the conditions of offer

Don't take my word for it, but I would doubt it matters too much
I've just applied this year and I didn't have to disclose any of my AS grades at all.
BUT I told them the whole truth in my interview anyway.
I applied for Engineering, got a B in Maths last year as I did the whole A Level in a year and we had some teaching problems. I told them I'd got a B (hell, I'd got Ds in 2 modules and a C in another :-/) but that I was planning to resit a few.
I got an offer anyway :smile:

I've just resat two of the crap modules and have gone up over 60ums, so I've already got my A and I havent even resat M2 which was my lowest!
Honestly I was a bit of an anomaly lol I can tell you.

They have the interview process, the personal statement, the reference and your GCSE grades to check if you're suitable. If all of these are strong then please don't let the resit disadvantage you- awesome things do happen.

All the best :smile:
If I apply as a post A-Level applicant to Oxford in 2010 to do Medicine, do people think I should put down my module scores for AS and A2? I'm aiming for 530/600 in Chem, 510/600 in Physics and 560/600 in Latin (have 290/300 at AS).

Also, do people think it's advisable for me to retake a Physics AS module that I got 74/90 in last year?
Basically, are you disadvantaged if you have to resit one your january modules, and will you be at a disadvantage applying to oxford? I want to do medicine or chemistry, but i did quite badly in maths, as i had a realllllllly bad exam, and got 4 marks off an A in biology. apart from that, I was happy with chemistry and physics, getting A grades. I'm resitting maths, and hoping to make up the biology marks, but will oxford see this resit, or will they just see an overall grade for the AS?
I think the answer is no. At least... I did and I got in - even if i did worse on the resit!
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I will be taking a gap year after I leave college, and am applying to Oxford for physics this year for 2010 entry.

Unfortunately, I really messed up two of my A2 general studies exams this January. My college (A-level) is asking me to resit at least one of them (both U's), so that I can get a C overall in my GS A-level. I got approx 35% in one, and 5% in the other (don't ask). If I resit the one I got 5% in, and get about 30%, I can get a C overall.

However, I really don't want to do this, mainly as I don't want to put needless pressure on myself this summer, when I have far more important exams to study for. My college though is adamant I resit the module. What is Oxford's view on resitting a GS module, and doing badly the second time round too?

I had a lot of problems outside of college at the time, and so I focussed all my time on taking care of my maths/further maths, physics and biology exams. I spent no time whatsoever studying for GS, and this is why I failed so badly. I plan on telling my choice oxford college this when I apply, so I'm assuming this could possibly cover me for the disaster this January. But if I resit this June, and don't study for it as I want to focus on my proper exams, then I really don't have an excuse for doing badly. In this case I'm sure Oxford will hold it against me.

All my other exam scores (apart from this January) are fine BTW, and I'm predicted to get the same good scores this June.

Any ideas on what I should do?
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You know Oxford don't count GS in offers don't you?
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Thanks for your reply. Yep, I understand Oxford don't count GS. Neither do any of my other choice universities. :smile:

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