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What should i do? Please advise watch

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    I am doing an Access course with the DLC I started in september but unfortunately due a few issues I have not completed as many credits as I would of liked, only 15 so far to be precise. They do a june moderation I think so everything needs finishing by the end of April, I am already under alot of stress trying to get these modules done so this is extra pressure is just adding to it.

    I have 2 interviews lined up as well, but I am very concerned I won't complete in time for the end of April.

    The way I see it I have a few options

    a) rush it and maybe not get the best grades, risk not getting distinctions for uni (they want 15)
    b) withdraw my uni application and reapply in september, with loads more time to finish the access

    Another concern of mine is although I am very academic I am not getting distinctions with the DLC no matter how much I feel like I am meeting their criteria and feedback often contradicts with what I feel I have done and what they have said I have missed out. My tutor comments on things like I need to go into more detail, but yet fails to forget the word count on one question was only 200. I get told some of my ifo is inaccurate even though I researched it on the net on different sites!
    I NEVER had this problem at college when I did an Access a few years ago, I got DISTINCTION in every unit with great feedback for every assignment but with the DLC I just get Merits, and the last assignment I scraped a pass dispite putting my all into it.

    This is making me wonder if it's more DLC being 'fussy' then my quality of work.

    Anyway what would you do if you were me? I really am stuck on what to do,
    I feel like im paying all this money to fail, one of the reasons why it's taking along time to complete and it wont be finished in time is because im lacking motivation due to not recieving distinctions i so desperately need.

    Is it worth going to college to get a few distinctions and carry on with the dlc also?
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