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How much money should we bring to uni? watch


    (Original post by ickle_katy)
    does noone else see the comedy value of this post...?
    Umm no not really. It's a reasonable enough question. I don't assume that the person who asked it meant literally how much you take in your wallet, they just want to know how to budget.

    Im not honestly saying i only go out once a week. First two terms i don't think I had a single night in. But we're not all pissheads. Going out doesn't necessarily mean going clubbing and getting completely off your face. It means going round to mates houses, going to the cinema or whatever. When we go out drinking its always to student nights where drinks are only a quid and in which case £20 would quite probably kill me. Personally if i spent that much id see it as a waste of money, if you're gonna get pissed by the end of the night you cant even taste what you're drinking so why bother spending £3 or whatever a drink to feel like **** the next day?!

    I spent about £80-100 p/week in my first year and I ended up £600 overdrawn at the end of the year (I took £700 with me at the start of the year and had £4000 loan). That was going out twice a week and spending lots on other stuff. That was probably more than any one else in my flat.

    There was only one guy I know who spent more. He ended up £2000 overdrawn and was earning about £80 p/week in his job, but he bought a LOT of clothes and other needless crap (his phone bill was regularly £150+ aswell).
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