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    Hey students,
    So, I expected the IB would be as easy as the MYP...
    Obviously that was a mistake, and I am now at a meer 35 points on average.
    I really want a higher grade, and having skipped most note taking, I was hoping for some help.
    I know what most of you will say: Some stupid kid who didn't take notes... why would I help him?
    Well, there isn't much I can say to counter that, other then to hope some of you might be nice enough to help me out.
    I am doing relatively well in english, french, and economics, however the subjects I need help with would be:
    - Biology Standard
    - Maths Standard
    - History Higher
    ---- WW1/WW2
    ---- Mao
    ---- Rwanda
    ---- Russian Civil War
    Im not asking for all your notes, but if you have some of the above, do share them so others, including me, who made the mistake of becoming serious at a later date can catch up. Giving us at least a smaller chance at success...
    Thanks in advance,
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Updated: January 28, 2017
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