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    WHOO HOO Step aside Tumblr for I am a "white" cisgender straight male that will blow your....socks off. Oh ****.

    I like girls that are cute, innocent and tall, if she's clever then damn that'll get work done faster than I can say "ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah."

    And I'm talking about school work. *tsk tsk tsk* dirty people here DIRTY MINDED PEOPLE HERE!

    Oh yeah and if you're a grill trying to get my number, the best way to seduce me is by talking dirty to me in Arabic cuz hoof I love me some dirty talk in what some regard as a pure language...oh no I don't understand Arabic no no no.

    Also eye makeup like eyeliner and mascara is the quickest way to make me fall in...uhhh like with you. Yeah...fall in like with you.

    It makes sense.

    So shut up.

    So if you're a girl that wants some Punjabi beats, make sure you hit me a PM here. Pffft phone numbers? No no no that's so 2016, getting TSR usernames is the future!
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    (Original post by pmc:producer)
    I don't particularly have a type. As cliché as it sounds, I need to be able to click with the girl on a personal level first - I need good banter, similar ambition and aspirations and the like. Looks come second and are important to a degree. She doesn't need to be outstandingly beautiful (although my current girlfriend is - winning!) But she needs to take care of herself; a girl who looks after her hair is a must!

    Couldn't care about style as long as she's not at the extreme end of either side of the spectrum (ultimate hippy/seriously pretentious). Acne, I could overlook. Gap in her teeth, my girlfriend has one, I love it - it's cute.

    Each to their own I say.
    her hair?! haha ive never heard that before! i like that! XD and i really like what you said tho. that really is what matters the most and i admire that you actually see that VS big boobs and a nice butt. would you say that most guys overlook things such as acne or teeth gaps? like what if the girl had really bad acne that has even left her with serious scars but was both beautiful inside and out? or basically just anything like that that isnt neccessarily fixable? (i mean theres surgerys for everything but thats not included) just a question

    (Original post by cheyenne_beth)
    do you kinda get what im saying? its as if most guys today arent seeing whats inside.
    Sort of. People definitely do seem to be becoming more superficial than in the past, but I don't think that's the principal cause of single-parent homes. :holmes:

    A degree of decorum is very attractive. No-one wants some slapper of a GF who's basically giving it away to all and sundry, regardless of whether she looks like she's 'out of the magazines'.
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