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    Can anyone who knows a bit about training for an Air Transport Pilots License please suggest the best method to get there?

    I am 17 years old and currently awaiting AS-Levels results. I have always had a deep passion for aviation and I am determined to reach my ultimate goal of an ATPL. I already have some aeronautical background having been a member of the ATC for three years, a member of the BMFA for the past four years and I have had a few lessons in both powered aircraft and gliders.

    Its now coming up to decision time about university and I am totally confused about what to do. I am doing AS-levels in chemistry, biology, maths & geography and will probbaly keep all four onto a-level. The main problem is should I go through university and get a degree and then go into pilot training or go straight to pilot training at the younger age which is probably preferable to the airlines.

    What are the main entry routes? I know I would probably not be able to self-fund the £60k training costs - is airline sponsorship the only other method?

    I have emailed as many UK airlines as I know and the majority no longer do scholarship schemes after September 11th. Does anyone know of any which still do?
    Does anyone know what academic qualifications they normally request for these schemes? I currently have 11 GCSEs at A/A*

    I do really want to be an airline pilot and I am determined to get there but it just seems like the imossible at the moment.

    Any advice is very much appreciated.

    Hi Hawk, you probably know that first of all you need a PPL. You can study at leeds, london or manchester for a PPL as part of some degrees courses. The PPL aspect of the degree course will set you back about £5000. Leeds will actually contribute to the cost of the PPL if you complete year one of the degree successfully. The courses at leeds and manchester are very new and have no graduates at the mo. I hear airlines are quing up to sponser final year students on these courses. Keep in mind these courses are very unique and offer <100 places per year. Regarding september 2004 entrants, around 500 people applied at leeds. Considering the amount of interest generated i would expect the grades boundaries to be AAB at leeds and CCC at manchester for 2005 entrants. Many student complete the PPL during year one and opt to go abroad together to complete their CPL (cos it's cheaper) during year 2 summer holiday. Alternatively, once you have your PPL get your CPL and IR through a flying club. You can then become an instructor, allowing you to build up your flying hours towards a ATPL(F). With most sponsorship you have to pay about £30000 towards the cost of training. If you complete the training the sponsor will give it back in few lump sums.

    Hope this info makes sence. Sorry bout the piss poor English!

    Take a look at www.pprune.org

    The forums are crawling with people who can help either as they already are airline pilots or are going through the training process. Personally i wouldn't go to university if i was going to fork out £60 grand for flying training.
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    If you do a search for some of my posts regarding airline sponsorship you can learn about some of the potential pitfalls. There's no cheap route into it; and no good pilot cadet sponsorship schemes even running right now. Buy Flight International and look at the back; the minimum requirements are 1000 on type with a rating and 2500TT.

    The old fashioned way might be all you have. Self fund a PPL and a night rating or IR. Beg for work as an instructor, and teach PPL studes until you've built enough hours and cash to move on to the next bit.

    Hi Hawk,

    I have just turned 18 and hold a JAR-FCL PPL (A), I have GCSE's from June 2002 and will receive my official AVCE results on Thursday.

    I was in a similar situation to you not to long ago, with regards to your question about University, I would say don't go and begin training yourself now.
    It is obvious that you are dedicated but so are many other people, myself included. The airline industry is begining to pick up again so do keep checking and writing to those airlines.

    Remeber that airlines always have strict selection processes and even fully qualified ATPL's with thousands of hours on complex aircraft and MCC type aircraft can still be turned down. The one thing that does matter in this industry is age, you can never be to young to start studying.
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    thanks for all your help,

    I have contacted almost every airline based in the UK and some from abroad also. A friend who is currently doing his PPL has leant me some books to read through.

    Has anyone conasidered doing any of the university courses where you can complete your ATPL? I have been looking at the Liverpool course - aerospace engineering with pilot studies - where you can complete your ATPL over the three years including flight training. Although it is still very costly. Does anyone know what other universities offer similar courses? I know a couple offer PPL training but I'm looking for those which take you right through to ATPL.

    London Met
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