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    Hello Guys

    Welcome to my "Grow your grades" blog. I tried one of these last year but got distracted by other things before it actually got rolling (hence why I've left it to the last few days before entering).

    I have applied for 5 Universities for a Sports Journalism course. My first choice is Gloucester University which have offered me a place for 120 UCAS Points or BBB. So that is my goal. 120 UCAS points and with some hard work, and plenty of revision techniques over the next 5 months I should get it!

    I am taking A-level Biology (OCR), A-level English Language (OCR) and BTEC Sport. In BTEC Sport I have done most the course and am well on target for a Distinction* which will be 56 UCAS points. Which means I need at least a C in both A-levels. In the recent Mocks; I got an E in Biology but an A in English . Looking at this, it's obvious the areas in which I need to work in.

    In terms of revision techniques, I'd say I'm old school! Plenty of written notes, plenty of past paper questions and Q Cards! On this thread, I shall state what I am doing and if it works or if it doesn't work. Every week or so, I shall put up a weekly goal or something to help spur me on. Cutting the work into small chunks is how I like to work because that way it doesn't feel as much.

    In my spare time, I am a huge sports fan! When I'm not at school or working, you'll find me watching all kinds of sports. My main sport is rugby and I am a season ticket holder at Leicester Tigers. Trying to balance work and sport over the next 5 months will be a challenge thats for sure! Find out how its done On a side note, I run an online rugby blog to practise my sports journalism.

    I've probably blabbed on too much already to the point at which nobody is reading as far down as this sentence but hey

    So, with nothing else to say....Here is my journey to University. It's time to work hard. It's time to focus. It's time to get it done.


    I better actually put those last 3 sentences into action. That's my usual down fall

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    Monday 30th January - Preview.

    1. Lesson - English Language, Language change.
    2. Lesson - BTEC Sport Unit 9 standard lesson.
    3. FREE - To work on; BTEC Sport Unit 5 Task 3. (Deadline tomorrow)
    4. Lesson - Biology, standard lesson.
    5. FREE - To work on; BTEC Sport Unit 5 Task 3. (Deadline tomorrow)
    6. AF - To work on; BTEC Sport Unit 5 Task 3. (Deadline tomorrow)
    7. ATH - Make a blog post from the Leicester Tigers match on Saturday.

    Obviously as stated, the deadline for the BTEC Sport task is 11:59pm on Tuesday and I'm about 1/4 of the way through it so I need to get working on that. Spending at least 3 hours on that during the day should get me to at least 3/4 of the way finished with plenty of time to use tomorrow.

    The fact I won't have a break on it between points 5 and 6 will probably mean i'll struggle in after school. I'll probably take a break and go for a walk around school to refresh myself so I remain on task.

    I need to do the blog because my university may be watching and also it is important to keep it updated. I have chosen to do this ATH (At home) because it is the easiest, most enjoyable task of the day so I know I won't get distracted if I am at home.
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    Monday 30th January - Review

    1. Lesson - good, I contributed well to the class, always helps
    2. Lesson - fairly productive, I managed to complete the task set which was more than anyone else
    3. Free - very productive - I seemed to get on well and was in the zone. Isolating myself from the room worked well.
    4. Lesson - had a biology practical
    5. Free - not as productive unfortunately
    6. AF - Went for a walk between 5 and 6 and managed to be slightly more productive and managed to do what I wanted on the task
    7. ATH - good productive at home work, managed to finish the rugby report and post it

    Tuesday 31st January - Preview

    1. Lesson - Biology
    2. PDP - Hopefully allowed to revise which would mean I can have a look at Year 12 biology and make notes and produce some simple notes to look back on.
    3. Free - Work on the BTEC Sport task which is due in today.
    4. BTEC Sport - Work on the BTEC Sport task which is due in today.
    5. Free - Work on the BTEC Sport task which is due in today.
    6. AF - Work on the BTEC Sport task which is due in today. (hopefully finished by now - If I am, I am to complete notes made during PDP)
    7. ATH - Work on the BTEC Sport task which is due in today. (Hopefully finished by now - If i am, I am to look at Biology mock and make corrections)

    Obviously, today's main focus is nailing the PE task that is set as it is due today. I was handed my mock paper so I shall make corrections on that using the mark scheme to identify where I went wrong if I get spare time which I should do. PDP is a time in which we spend in form groups and sometimes we have an opportunity to revise our own stuff. It is easiest if I can use this time to make notes on biology year 12 to make a start on this.
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