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resit again another year?? can't they help me? watch

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    Long story please bear with.

    So during semester 1 of last year which was meant to be my final year of uni, my grandad passed away during the Jan exams. My grandad brought me up so very close etc., and I missed the exams. MCs accepted and the Uni said I could carry on to Semester 2 and resit the 3 missed exams this year. I did well in semester 2 – I got 82 on my dissertation and 76, 77, and 80 on my three modules. I also got 78 average from second year.

    The uni is aware I have got issues surrounding anxiety, depression and panic attacks. During this resit period, I had an awful surge in these symptoms. I was, and still am, feeling anxious, didnt eat (dissolved sugar in hot water for energy), felt like a fraud, a failure, and panic attacks. I managed to get through the first two exams, however by the third I was physically and mentally unable. I crashed and went the GP who told me it was wise to take “respite” from the exams and return after I had improved. I was told I was close to hospitalisation.

    I told my uni admin office who told me to send in evidence of MCs to be considered for re-sit. My GP wrote me a detailed note. My tutor didn't reply to my email. I was told that the options are either:

    - I will graduate this year, with a failed module on my transcript, but with an overall average (so either a 2;1, or 1st)
    - I can return in Jan to resit the one exam and graduate next year.

    I know it's unfortunate circumstances and I am by no means special, but would I be out of place to ask if I could resit the exam or some form of assessment for the module during what would be semester 2?? As I am no longer a student in semester 2, I feel this would be more time-effective and would give me something to aim for. I feel like the circumstances of being a perfectionist and delaying graduation once have contributed to my depressive state and I dread to think what it would do to me again.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    Cherry xx
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    TSR Support Team
    (Original post by cherrycametoo)
    It varies uni to uni so I''m not sure if you'll be able to or not, but I see no harm in asking! If you don't ask you definitely won't be able to, if you do you might. There's a possibility of you taking the exam in August with the resit students if your uni does it I'd guess too. So yeah, well worth a try

    Have you had/are you getting any support with how you're feeling? Bereavement is horrible and it sounds like you could do with some if you haven't already. Student support at your uni should be able to offer you counselling of some description and other things, your GP too. There's stuff on here as well but people in real life are probably better to speak to if you can. Hope things work out for you anyway, and well done so far in your degree. Those scores are amazing even without other things going on, you should be proud!
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