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    So basically I have not sorted out housing in second year and I have no one to become housemates with.

    The problem is that I have no real close-friends at Uni which has meant that the people I do know have already found a house/housemates (myself not being proactive in asking if anyone was looking for a housemate didn't help either). I know two people on my course who are looking for a housemate - one is quiet and doesn't go out (which is not what I want) and the other one falls into my 'worries' below (which is explained later in this post)

    I've got 2 realistic options: try and find flatmates via my Uni's flatmate finder Facebook group (I found out that a guy on my course was looking for a flatmate via this page) or just apply for private halls (which is aimed at 2nd and 3rd years)...

    I have slight worries about both options:

    My worry with the former is that I'd most likely be moving into an existing friendship group as an 'outsider'. I also don't know what they're like to live with e.g. are they responsible/clean? Etc., also I feel like I'd be rushed into things - I probably won't be able to see the house myself and have my own 'checklist' to go against (as most are just looking for flatmates to fill the remaining rooms).

    My worry with the latter option is that the flatmates would be a lottery pick (though I guess the first option is a slight lottery as well) and there's a chance that the flat would be quiet and non-cohesive. My flat right now is quite nice, we get along and it's clean, no one steals food etc. but we never go out as a flat, and everyone in the flat stay in their rooms! Perhaps it's naieve of me to say this but because the private halls are aimed at second and third years - would I see the same level of quietness (and thus see the the 'non-cohesiveness' again?). I know a guy in 3rd year who failed his 2nd year because his private halls was extremely boring for him so he went out all the time

    Any advice or thoughts? I'm gonna make a decision in a few days

    (Sorry if any of this post sounds like bs/nonsense, these thoughts are clouding my head and are making me anxious)

    Either way you are taking a risk on something. There is no right answer because you cannot know what the future will hold with any of these options. So I'd instead try to think of other pros and cons of each option as opposed to the social side.

    As for your friend who failed second year because his house was boring. Nah he failed second year because he was irresponsible and chose going out all the time over uni work. Nothing to do with his house being boring. This should not be a worry for you.


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