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    This is my Head Girl Application Letter
    Ambassador can be defined as a representative or promoter of a specified activity. However, being a good representative can easily be masked by a false façade, hidden behind a few smiles. The difference between the real and the fake is the emotion behind it. I would love to represent Sunmarke as Head Girl because despite having only attended the school for the past four months, the impact the school has had on me has been great in size. Sunmarke has shown me that no matter a person’s background they can still be accepted as they have many different talents and abilities to offer the school. I would love to be able to teach those that feel as if they do not have a place that Sunmarke can be a home away from home, something that I was lucky enough to learn from the onset. Having spoken to the current Head and Deputy Head Girl, I am wholeheartedly excited by the opportunities and challenges being Head Girl presents. I would love to leave Sunmarke at the end of Year 13 knowing that I made a positive impact on the school. One of these differences I would love to make to the school is a day where we as a school are celebrated by what the school has done for us. I would like to have a place where students and staff can share what Sunmarke means to them and why it is so important that we continue to build on the legacy currently being set. I think this would be good because it will show others how united we are as a school and why Sunmarke stands out from other schools as an outstanding school. I would also love to introduce an advisory board. This will consist of Sixth Formers who will be open to having students from the lower years ask them questions and for advice on how to cope with all the challenges they face. I think this will be helpful as I personally have asked Year 13s for help when I feel the situation I am in seems insurmountable and when I receive the advice, a weight is always lifted off of me. Sometimes the weight can feel miniscule but I also believe that every little interaction that helps us, puts us in a better position than we were in beforehand. I understand fully that the role of a Head Girl is to not only be an ambassador of the school but to also be a role model to others and inspire others to be the best that they can possibly be. A Head Girl is able to make others around her feel comfortable and safe in an environment that can sometimes seem intimidating. Whilst the role can be incredibly demanding, the rewards one can attain from it are overwhelming. I will always attempt a challenge, and whilst sometimes it may be unsuccessful, I know that my efforts are also appreciated. An example of when I have taken on a challenge because I knew it would be helpful, regardless of my ability is when I volunteered to do the 100m sprint for Sports Day. Sports has never been my strongest ability but as I knew it would help my house, I volunteered anyway. In my opinion, a good Head Girl will always do what’s in the best interest of a school rather than her own personal interests at any given time. So why would I be a good candidate for Head Girl? I feel that I am very charismatic and adaptable, as can be shown when I hosted the Snowmarke Event, despite only having very little notice. I also have strong leadership qualities as I was voted into the position of House Captain by my fellow housemates. Being a House Captain also means that I have been a host of assemblies on three separate occasions and as a result, I am very good at public speaking. I am also a person that values punctuality, having been in school every single day since the induction. I have also volunteered to show visitors around the school such as the current career counsellor and the young lady who is running the trip to Kenya. I am also good at time management as I am currently juggling being a House Captain, lead in the school musical, volunteering at the Courtyard Playhouse and have still been able to not only keep my grades at a high standard but also improve each and every time. My interpersonal skills are good between those of all different ages as can been shown when I helped lead my house, along with the teachers in helping make the Burj Al Arab Mosaic for National Day. My house may not have won, but we all definitely enjoyed the experience and we were all fully engaged on the day. That also helped with my problem solving skills as when we were missing various parts, we still managed to make it look as presentable as possible with other techniques. I am also very creative, a skill that I gained from not only being in the school musical but also taking Theatre Studies which requires being able to improvise ideas on the spot. My improvisation techniques have also been improved from the workshops I have partaken in at the Courtyard Playhouse. I also volunteer at my church in the Fort Sand placement, in which I help take care of younger children during the main church service. According to the VIA Institute, my tenth most impactful character strength is hope. Hope is something that I aim to inspire amongst the entire school so that every single day, coming to school doesn’t feel like a chore, but rather it feels like the privilege that it truly is.
    What do you guys think? And what should I add?
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