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Hitchens hitchslaps the alt-right from beyond the grave Watch


    (Original post by housat)
    Not really. It's condemned for excessive violence and land grabbing, but few people condemn it for being an ethno-state
    Those come to the fore because they're the international law violations, but increasingly, particularly with BDS and the decreasingly likelihood of a 2-state solution, we're seeing an increasing tendency to view the conflict in more comprehensive terms, and through the lens of Israel as an essentially ethnocentric and or settler-colonial society.

    When is Japan criticised? South Korea? Both have ethnocenterism ingrained in law.
    Well, for a start I'd say those informed about it certainly do note it. For example, Brian Myers, one of the foremost experts on North Korean ideology and society, who argues that North Korea is an institutionally racist state, has also made it very clear that South Korean society is also virulently racist. See also the work of Emma Campbell on the topic.

    In terms of "why doesn't it receive as much attention and protest in the West?", I'd say there are three reasons (bear in mind these are explanations, not justifications):
    i) It's far away, and feels less relevant to the average Westerner. Same reason why in the early 1990s Westerners were much more interested in the genocide in Bosnia than the much larger one in Rwanda.
    ii) They don't fit with the popular perception about the Far East's post-WW2 history. North Korea is so horrific and oppressive that South Korea's very serious flaws have always tended to be ignored. Similarly, Japanese endemic racism doesn't really fit with the narrative that Japan abandoned its fascistic nationalist tendencies after 1945.
    iii) In both cases, the racism is de facto mostly focused against black people, South Asians and West Asians. White visitors and immigrants rarely encouter it.
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Updated: January 31, 2017
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