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    Hi guys,
    need some advice on a really tough decision.
    I just finished my BA in media studies this year, though I wasn't really happy with the overall course for the past 1-2 years. I just didn't want to start all over again by the time I started to feel uncomfortable with a career in that field. Also I continued because I think the degree could prove to be a valuable advantage or "extra" for a pathway in international marketing, which is where I wanna go eventually.
    However, marketing is - for God's sake - a core business discipline and I either have the choice of returning now to the UK for another bachelor's degree (I'm an international student), or working my way up in the industry with internships and work experience and to continue with a specialised master's in a related field of media and communication later on.
    I will either waste lots of money and time (at least I could earn better money with a part-time job now) or miss a grounded business education, which is regarded essential by many employers. On the other hand, I know that doing a second degree is quite uncommon and regarded "exotic" especially in the UK.
    Which way would u go? Any alternative options / experiences?

    I agree with PQ a post grad degree makes much more sense

    (Original post by chriis)
    On the other hand, I know that doing a second degree is quite uncommon and regarded "exotic" especially in the UK.
    Wow – not only am I considered erotic but I’m now also “exotic” :cool:

    I am in no position myself to advise anyone but if I were in your shoes, I would do a Master's degree instead.

    It may not be an entirely feasible idea to do another Bachelor's degree, unless of course the rationale is that you would like to go into a totally different career such as law, medicine, engineering etc.

    Strictly speaking, the Bachelor's degree (with the exception of law and medicine) is something that helps you open doors, that's all. Most of the skills and knowledge needed to do a specific job are learnt on-the-job anyway, and knowledge learnt in the degree per-se are maybe used only 20% of the time.

    For instance, here in Singapore, it is common for people with engineering Bachelor's degrees to do marketing work.

    Hence, all things considered, i.e. time needed to do another Bachelor's, plus academic fees etc, I suppose I would do a Master's degree instead?
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