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Basically I study A level psychology AQA along with biology and chemistry. Psychology has always been pushed to the bottom as it's not the most challenging subject, it requires more memory than actual understanding and application like the other two. However, I do my exams in 4/5 months and am yet to start revising as am always revising for the other two. There is so much to learn, especially for A03 with all the evaluation points. Does anyone have any tips on ways to revise and learn the A03. I'm kinda panicking as time is running out but need to make chemistry and biology my priority
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I did psychology at A-Level (also under the AQA exam board) and I used some of the memory techniques in the spec.

For example, use word association to help you remember researcher names. I remember one very well, his name is Marmot (et al.) and he did some study on stress (might be workplace stress, can't remember, it's been so long) and I used to think of Marmite to help me remember his name. So when I saw workplace stress, I thought of Marmite (which is stressful to eat) and thought of Marmot et al. You can be very creative in this way, the type of associations you can make are limitless.

Bekerian and Bowers (1983) for eyewitness testimony, you can think of "Baked beans and powers" or idk anything you can think of to help you remember!

For the actual study, I suggest breaking it down into 3 parts: what it's about, what they did and what they found out. You can use highlighters and colour codes to identify the 3 parts. Know them inside out so you can maximise how much you talk about them. Flash cards are useful too!

I think for A03 you need to draw solid conclusions between at least 1 or two specific studies/findings and the question, so try to be as detailed as you can in your description. Use proper terminologies as well, learn them (perhaps mnemonics may be useful here).

It has been almost 5 years since I did this, I achieved a B overall.

I hope this helps, sorry I couldn't help with the actual marking procedures but I hope what I've given you will assist you

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